REVIEW: Tap (Lovibond #1) by Georgia Cates


Your love drowns all my demons.


Craft beer and the sexy men who brew it.

A faceless name. That’s all she was when I agreed to play a part in deceiving her. But then the unplanned happened.

We met. And all I wanted from her was a dirty weekend . . . until that wasn’t enough and I longed for so much more.

Lawrence Thorn suddenly means the world to me. And that’s a problem. She’s my business partner’s sister. Forbidden fruit. Pursuing her can mean trouble for me at Lovibond Brewery. But I don’t care.

I yearn for her skin against mine.
I crave her smell on my body.
I want to make her laugh and then hear her moan my name.
And she does for a brief moment in time.

But Lawrence wants more than I’m able to give. And it’s a damn shame because there’s no one on earth I want more than her.

An epic love.
A miserable ending.
Unless it’s not.

My Thoughts:

Let me begin by saying that I love everything that Georgia Cates writes, especially the Beauty series. The Beauty series is one of my absolute all time favorite new adult romance trilogies. I went in to Tap with high expectations and I was not disappointed!

Tap is the first book in the Lovibond series and it’s about Lucas ‘Brou’ Broussard and Lawrence ‘Wren’ Thorn. These two were a forbidden romance from the start, but they were helpless to fight the pull they felt for each other. I thought the story was well written and had a good pace to it. There were strong side characters that added to the story as well.

Lucas ‘Brou’ Broussard. Brou has a deeply emotional past that caused him to emotionally distance himself from relationships. Brou’s was known by almost everyone as Tap for two reasons, one of which applies to how he treats women. So when Brou was tasked with texting his business partner’s, Oliver aka Stout, sister, Stout made sure Brou knew his sister was off limits. Brou unexpectedly meets Wren and is instantly drawn to her. He tries to stay away from Wren, but it is pointless because he can’t stop thinking about her. Brou does not make decisions lightly and when he realized Wren was different then he was not afraid to possibly damage his relationship with Stout. Wren was more important to him. I loved Brou’s Cajun accent and alpha male tendencies. He was such a gentlemen to Wren and knew how to treat a woman. However, Brou’s deep emotional scars play a catastrophic role in their relationship and Brou has to figure out if he is willing to overcome his past in order to have a future with Wren.

Lawrence ‘Wren’ Thorn. Lawrence is fiercely independent and is determined to make sure all men know she doesn’t need them to complete her. Don’t get me wrong, Wren wants a husband and children, but she believes she is whole without a man in her life. Wren has a good reason for the way she is because her early childhood years were horrific and traumatizing. Lawrence and Oliver are protective of each other because of their childhood years so Wren has a hard time keeping her attraction to Brou a secret, but she knows that Brou is different with her. Wren is so compassionate and non-judmental, which are two things that I love about her. Brou definitely has a complicated past, but Wren is so accepting of it and it was truly amazing to read about. Wren has to make a difficult choice when she realizes just how deep Brou’s emotional scars are, and I admire her for having the strength to make the choice that she made. It showed her true character and what she believed she deserved.

Side Characters. I feel like I really got to know Stout, but I was missing out on Porter’s character a little bit. I also LOVED Bridgette, Warren, and their family in this story because it truly showed who Brou was in a lot of those scenes. Both of the characters had some amazing families. I also enjoyed Wren’s friends because they were fun and were the perfect BFF’s to Wren.

I highly recommend this story to those who enjoy: forbidden romance, beer, long distance relationships, a alpha male with a heartbreaking past, and a free-spirited, hippie heroine.

Overall Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★

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