BLOG TOUR: Why I’m Yours by S. Moose & C.A. Harms


Title: Why I’m Yours
Authors: S. Moose & C.A. Harms
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: October 10, 2017



A point in time, an unexpected event, changes everything.

Reagan’s life was about to begin. A recent college graduate with her career about to launch, she was living in Boston with her best friends. She had everything she worked hard for until one man took it all away, leaving her feeling empty and desolate.

After spending a few years alone, Reagan finally moves to Chicago with her best friend, Aimee, and vows to put her past behind her. When Reagan lands a job at Powers Financial, she never expects to find the one person that would give her back the girl she left behind years ago.

Drew Powers loves being the powerful CFO of a successful corporation and raising his son, Dawson. He’s known as “asshat” at the company and it doesn’t help calm his temper or patience. Drew’s main focus doesn’t include love or commitment. Those are the last things on his mind.

When the reserved and beautiful Reagan Halloway bumps into him and tests his patience, he ignores the lust he feels for her until she becomes all he can think about.

Fate is a powerful thing. A force that leads two people to one another and gives them both the one thing they didn’t know they were missing.

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Never again will anyone ever hurt you. You’re mine now, and I’ll do everything in my power to keep you safe.

My Thoughts:

I received an ARC of Why I’m Yours by S. Moose & C.A. Harms, and I am so happy that I did. This was my first book to read of theirs and it was heartbreaking, yet so very perfect. This is a standalone, contemporary romance about a girl finding her way back to herself and a single dad who is learning that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life alone.

The Story. The first couple of chapters give the readers a glimpse into what happened to each of the characters in the past to shape who they are when we meet them. I wanted to cry for the horrors that Reagan endured and wanted to throw things for the selfish relationship Drew found himself in. Fast forward a few years later and Reagan is finally getting both feet back on the ground and Drew is known as the “Asshat” in the office. I thought this book had a great storyline and the side characters were on point. I want to know more about what is going to happen with Remy and Aimee so I was really happy to learn that they are getting their own book. As the authors predicted, Dawson, Drew’s adorable six year old son, stole the show. This kid was so sweet and I wanted to crawl through the pages to eat all the chocolate in the world while playing Nerf wars with him and Reagan.

Reagan. Reagan is scared of the world, but hiding that through confidence and smart aleck comments. Reagan is finally putting her degree to use by working as a PA for a multi billion dollar company and is very excited about it until she meets the CFO of the company, Drew, who also happens to be her boss’ son. She finds Drew to be rude, selfish, and feels like he owns the world, but finds her body is finding him attractive anyway. Reagan finds herself slowly getting to know “Drew the father” instead of “Drew the Asshat” and finds that she much prefers him in the former role. When she finally gives Drew a chance, she insists on taking things slow, which I absolutely loved. I loved watching the journey of her slowly opening herself back up and finding the girl she was before her tragedy.

Drew. Drew’s world revolves around Dawson and work when I first meet him. He is the best father and his dedication is amazing to read. Drew is prepared to live his life with those two priorities until he literally runs into Reagan and can’t keep his mind from thinking about her every other second. Drew is persistent and his heart melts every time he sees Reagan with him son. Drew would do absolutely anything for Reagan. His motto was literally, “Anything for you.” when it came to her. Drew loves Reagan with a ferocity we all hope for and he was absolutely swoon worthy. He quickly realizes just how far Reagan has wiggled into his heart and will do anything to protect her and his family.

I loved everything about this book! Yes, there was one big plot twist that I predicted, but it was still a very beautiful read. I highly recommend it to those who love: a strong sense of family, finding oneself after tragedy, cute little boys with a sugar addiction, a strong heroine, and a generous, protective hero.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

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S. Moose

S. Moose is a New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of new adult romance. She writes emotional and romantic stories that will make you swoon, cry, yell, laugh, and love.

She is living her own happily ever after with a man who loves her with his whole heart. She is a proud mother to their beautiful son, and adorable puppy.

When she is not writing you can find her hanging out with her family, and friends, getting lost in romantic books, and indulging on Starbuck lattes.

To keep up with the latest from S. Moose be sure to visit her social media sites:

Facebook Group:

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C.A. Harms

C.A. Harms is like any other addicted reader. She enjoys happy endings and HEA love stories. She hasn’t always been a lover of Romance and had once been addicted to a good Mystery. Just recently she has taken on a new liking and now is a full blown Romance novel addict.

She lives in Illinois and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. You will always find her with her kindle or paperback in hand as it is her favorite pass time.

Facebook Group:

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