BLOG TOUR: Bad Reputation by Callie Blake



Title: Bad Reputation
Author: Callie Blake
Genre: Contemporary Romance/Romantic Comedy
Release Date: October 23, 2017


He’s everything a good girl knows to avoid…

So why is it that she can’t resist?

Hollywood has never interested Peyton Greene.

As her socialite cousin’s unofficial caretaker, she’s seen the ins and outs of the industry. The sleaziness, the backstabbing – the constant parade of womanizing assholes who break her cousin’s heart every week.

They’re all bad news, and as far as she can tell, Connor Schaffer is no different.

He’s six feet and two inches of cocky, smirking asshole – the panty-dropping king of one-night stands, and everything Peyton hates. But when Connor signs a unique contract with her uncle, Peyton finds their lives suddenly entwined on a daily basis.

And despite their nonstop, claws out fighting, she finds herself suddenly tangled in his sheets.

Their spark was unpredictable, the sex unbelievable, and just like that, Peyton’s world is turned upside down. For the first time in her life, she’s discovering hot lust, real pleasure and everything she swore was strictly not for her.

Long story short, Hollywood’s got this good girl screwed.

***Bad Reputation is a full-length standalone with no cheating and a HEA***


I love supporting debut authors, and helping to get their names out into the romance reading world. I especially love supporting them when I fall completely in love with the stories they create, and the characters that they write. I had the absolute pleasure of reading Callie Blake’s debut novel, Bad Reputation and it is a decision that I will NEVER regret. I adored this book!

I’m always attracted to novels that have to do with the Hollywood scene, especially ones where the big Hollywood star falls for the lesser known, quiet girl next door type. I’m pretty sure it’s because I will never let the dream die that one day Harry Styles is going to accidently stumble across my Facebook page and realize that he’s had it wrong this whole time, and that I am actually the girl for him. Of course, in this dream I’m also single, with no kids, have gorgeous hair, and a body that has probably never eaten a doughnut. But it is still a dream, none the less! Bad Reputation hit all my key factors for a great Hollywood romance. A. A sweet, but cocky male lead that doesn’t think he’ll ever fall in love, B. A quiet, but spunky heroine that makes me laugh, and C. lots of Hollywood drama and intrigue!

Peyton Green is like Cinderella. Her famous uncle took her in when she had nowhere else to go; however, he’s basically turned her into a babysitter for her famous cousin who is trying to break into the Hollywood scene. Peyton loves her cousin dearly, and carries around a lot of guilt and heavy responsibility when it comes to her duties as caretaker. In doing so, she’s lost herself. After Peyton’s uncle signed a contract with a big time Hollywood writer, Peyton finds her world tilting on its axis.

Connor Schaffer comes across as the biggest Hollywood asshole you’d ever meet. He’s arrogant, cocky, and the king of one night stands. But when Connor meets Peyton, he finds something he didn’t even know he was looking for. And its magical. I adored Connor and his relationship with Peyton. I loved seeing him grow as a person, and watching her come out of her shell. These two characters were so good for each other. Blake created a magnetic relationship between the two characters, and their banter and dialogue was spot on. It was funny, and romantic, and I think I wore a big idiotic smile on my face the entire time I was reading.

I honestly cannot recommend this one enough folks! The writing is well done, the pacing is spot on, and I never once found myself bored with the events being played out on the cover. I really hope that Callie Blake has more stories up her sleeve because this is one author that I want to read more from!




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Callie Blake is a new author, a romance addict and a connoisseur of trashy reality TV. She’s big on dessert for dinner and over-the-top Lifetime Originals. She currently lives in New York with her husband and two dogs. Follow her on Twitter at @calliebbooks.



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