REVIEW: The Quarterback by Mackenzie Blair



Matt Lancaster is the star quarterback at Bodine College, a small Southern Division II school with an ultra-conservative Dean of Athletics. Matt is also very much in the closet, and he thinks he’s kept his secret well hidden. Until his best friends take him to a happy endings massage parlor and request a male masseuse for him.

In walks Trevor Kim, a gorgeous, pierced, tattooed fellow Bodine student who does massages—without happy endings—to pay for school after his family kicked him out for being gay. Trevor takes one look at Matt and breaks all his own rules about mixing business with pleasure.

Matt needs to keep his scholarship, win the National Championship, and survive his asshole father. Instead, he falls in love. Trevor needs to accept that the football god is meant to end up with him rather than a perky cheerleader. It’s time for a happy ever after for both of them.

My Thoughts:

Holy. Shit. That is all I have to say for how hot and sensual this book was! I was struggling with what to read late at night and decided I would just read this book because it combines two of my favorite things…college sports romance and TWO sexy AF male characters. This was quite the debut book for Mackenzie Blair.

The Story. I loved everything about this book. It was pretty well written and their was a great pace to the book. It also had an abundance of side characters whom I fell in love with, especially Drew. I felt for both Matt and Trevor because they just wanted the freedom to love who they want. Both of them had some horror stories in their part that shaped who they had become. I loved the depth to all of the characters and also the lighthearted humor that was sprinkled liberally throughout this book. This book had everything I wanted and needed in a M/M NA sports romance.

Matt. Pretty boy All-American football player who is so deep in the closet it is not even funny. Matt has kept his secret hidden from even his closest friends due to an asshole father and going to a Southern Baptist college in the deep south. However, he is in for the shock of his life when his close friends make an appointment for him with a male masseur and his friends have known for a while. Matt is initially horrified because he is very close to graduating and he doesn’t want to lose his football scholarship. Despite this, he finds himself going back to the massage parlor because he has had a crush on his masseur since Freshman Lit. Matt is beyond nervous because he has no idea how to do this, and it has nothing to do with Trevor being a guy. He has never had any serious relationships but he wants one.

Trevor. I will take one hot Korean male who bats for my team please! I loved Matt but I LOVED Trevor. Trevor is working three jobs to pay for school since his parents kicked him out of the house when they found out he was gay just before graduating high school. He is shocked when he finds Matt Lancaster, Bodine College’s golden boy, sitting on his massage table, but he is hopeful that Matt is gay just to get his hands on that body. Trevor has never before veered away from giving normal massages, but Matt is his exception. Trevor finds there is more to Matt than he gave him credit for.

The Relationship. This was a very tumultuous relationship because these two men were forced to sneak around and hide their relationship. They each struggle with this in their own way. Trevor has never been with anyone who is in the closet, and this is a whole new experience for Matt. I freaking loved these two together. They are hot, sensual, possessive, protective, with a little bit of a kinky side. I could read several more books on these two and not get bored. However, the outside world starts threatening to out them and take away everything they have worked so hard to get. When things are looking bleak, Matt and Trevor find support in the most unlikely of places and realize who will truly stand with them.

I highly highly recommend this book to those who love: m/m romance, college settings, football quarterbacks, unlikely pairings, All-American football quarterbacks, and hot AF Asian men.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

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