ARTICLE: One of my most read authors and 7 reasons why you should check her out!

One of my most read authors is Tijan! I have been reading her books for several years now and each one just gets better! I am gonna give you my 7 reasons why you should check out Tijan’s work:

  1. I have read 24 of her books…gasp. I knew I had read a lot of her books, but I had no idea it was that many! My top favorites: Fallen Crest series (I always recommend this series to those who love the Royal books by Erin Watt), Hate to Love You, and the Carter Reed books (including Cole).
  2. Her books are total guilty pleasure reads and give us drama addicts the drama we are craving!
  3. She writes books for all types of romance lovers…from dark to new adult to contemporary.
  4. She writes both kickass heroes AND heroines with rich back stories that truly show how her characters came to be the way they are.
  5. Her books suck you in and don’t spit you out until you have consumed the entire book in one sitting.
  6. You will always stay up until midnight the day her book is released to read it right then and there.
  7. Her characters are so incredibly strong that they make you feel like you can take on the world with both hands tied behind your back when you’re finished reading.

Check out her books (I have only listed the first book in the series and only the ones I have read so feel free to ask questions)!

One of my favorite series of all time by Tijan: Fallen Crest starts off in high school before it moves on to college, but it is still very much mature YA/NA!


New Adult Contemporary Romance

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Young Adult Contemporary Romance


New Adult Dark Romance

18221931  31338827

New Adult Paranormal


This was so fun to put together! I wonder which author I will feature next…


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