April’s Holiday Gift Guide for Booknerds

Bookstagrammers, and booknerds in general, what do we want for the holidays (or any other day of the year)?

BOOKS! Obvs.

But with the increasing presence of the book community within the Instaverse, we also have been flooded with so much creative merchandise to perpetuate our love of books, fictional characters, and general aesthetic. This (hopefully short, but probably lengthy) guide will be a source of crafty babes that have catapulted their products (and themselves!) into the hearts of bookstagrammers around the world.

If some of these shops, and rad babes are unfamiliar to you… PERFECT! Let me have the honor of introducing you first, to some of my absolute favorites.


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-20 at 4.50.16 PM
photo credit: @accio_library

The Melting Library  is well known among Bookstagrammers as one of the most popular book inspired candle creators. Raquel (truly a scent sorceress if ever there was one), along with her husband,  mix and hand pour each candle- creating some of the most unique scents I (and others!) have ever had the experience of smelling and ultimately burning. Her candles are predominantly book inspired, but have such a versatile aesthetic that anyone can appreciate them. It is no secret that The Melting Library is my go-to for candles, the way the scents are layered, are mixed so brilliantly, you often are left wondering how Raquel was able to do it and make it smell just so.

From your Sassenachs, to Potterheads and onward to Maas-maniacs, there really is a bit of something for everyone. Candles are available in full 8 oz jars, at $14.50 – $15.00 and also perfectly adorable 4 oz ‘minis’ priced at $7.50. Gift certificates available as well, starting at $10.

The Melting Library will have a Black Friday special of 20% off STOREWIDE, using code: TMLBLACKFRIDAY17  11/24 through 11/27. You can also use code: DRINKSTEA10 for 10% off your order at any time before and after the sale.

photo credit: @onceuponasav

Wickworms is another bookish (and other fandoms!) candle shop that is run by two legitimately amazing, hilarious sisters, Savanna and Sydney, who live on opposite sides of the country from each other, but that doesn’t stop them from putting their heads together to create.

They love coming up with new ideas, scents, together. One thing that is different to Wickworms is the different colored chunks of wax. The chunks being a different scent than the over pour, when melted the chunks and over pour combine and create unique combinations of scents. Wickworms also have a custom candle option where you can create you own- be it bookish or whatever else you fancy. Candles are available in 4oz (for $7 USD) and 8oz (for $13 USD). Custom candles are priced at $15 (USD).

Currently, Wickworms is running a week long Black Friday sale, starting on November 20th, and ending on the 26th. 20% OFF everything in the store using code: WICKWORMSBF. Bonus! With each order placed, you will receive a limited edition FREE exclusive holiday candle!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-20 at 1.16.02 PM
photo credit: @littleinklingsdesign

Little Inklings is Megan- a self taught hand letterer who hails from Canada and is a magical unicorn of goodness (am I bias? Absolutely, but it doesn’t make it any less true).  Megan is a brilliant creator, and is constantly working on new designs and projects, putting her heart into every piece she produces.

She is most known for her hand lettered bookmarks, which come in a variety of book quotes (from classics, to YA top sellers)  as well as general book lover phrases and designs. She also has art prints, a few candles and mugs all listed on her Etsy. Bookmarks start at $3.24, and prints are $8.10. There are also bookmark bundle options, that come in 3, 5, and 10 (totally worth it!).

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 4.46.46 PM
photo credit: @littleinklingsdesign

Just recently, Megan revealed “Always Fully Booked”, a 12 month planner (2018) designed specifically with book lovers (and bookstagrammers) in mind! It releases this Friday, November 24th with limited quantities, for $30 (CAD) but will also have pre-order availability once the first batch sells out. After the weekend, the planner will increase to regular price of $35 CAD (not including shipping). Little Inklings Black Friday sale will start Friday the 24th and go through Monday the 27th. New weekend exclusives, including a Gilmore Girls and Stranger Things themed bookmarks, plus 20% off store wide!

photo credit: LexyOlivia

Next up is Lexy Olivia– rad babe extraordinaire. Lexy is such a force in this universe it is difficult not to find ourselves gravitating towards her effortless pull. She is a self described watercolor alchemist, which is a pretty damn accurate description.  She creates beautiful watercolor bookmarks (starting at $7.00 USD) and small prints (bookish and non bookish related), along with her new original fractal collection (one of kind watercolor pieces that are every bit a piece of her soul as an artists work can be). Visit her newly revealed website, lexyolivia.com, to peruse her product, her art as well as her blog.  Follow her Instagram account for shop updates, such as special codes for discounts.


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 8.24.48 PM
photo credit: @accio_library

Jane, from Jane’s Tiny Things is yet another bookmark creator, this time primarily creating magnetic bookmarks. She hand draws each one, and the detail that goes into the designs is intense (think, she draws every line of hair on a characters head, LIKE WHOA). Jane not only has bookmarks, but also has created some rad fiction maps, along with nail art decals/tattoos.

photo credit: @janestinythings


Jane’s style is unique to her, and I absolutely love it. All of her magnetic bookmarks are double sided, with a quote on the back as well. They are a generous size without being overwhelming and vary from bookish fandoms to television and film favorites. Single bookmarks are listed for $4.00 USD, and are available as sets too.  Starting this Friday through, Monday the 27th, Jane will have 20% OFF store wide, in addition you can also use coupon code: ACCIO15 to save 15% at checkout.


Last but absolutely NOT least in the bookmark (and so much more!) game, is Catherine from HeyAtlasCreative. Catherine is a designer that gives back. Each month Hey Atlas Creative has an exclusive bookmark that donates proceeds to a chosen charity. Not only that, but a teacher is also chosen each month to receive an 11″ x 14″ poster to hang in their classroom or school.

photo credit: HeyAtlasCreative

Each month HAC also has a bookmark of the month, that is sent free with every order placed within that month.

November’s is absolutely brilliant, and a little different than anything Catherine has done yet. On one side is a quote, on the back (each bookmark is double sided) is a blank space for you to personalize for a friend.

Not only are there a wide variety of high quality bookmarks available, but there are notebooks, poster prints, buttons, vinyl stickers and recently beanies (which, I can speak from experience, are well made and keep you warm!). There are several bundles available and the bookish quotes range from YA to the classics- again, something for everyone. Bookmarks start at $5 each (USD), notebooks are $12 each, and stickers are also $5- all well reasonably priced. Check the shop for more pricing and Instagram for specials coming this weekend.

Some more small business shops to consider for gifts (or totally treating yourself!):

Novelly Yours – another wonderful candle shop for bookworms! A variety of sizes (from 4oz up to the 22oz ‘Scent Obsession’!) and scent collections, a monthly sampler box, and monthly exclusives- you are bound to find something you love.  Novelly Yours has a spectacular Black Friday weekend sale occurring. Check out Brittany’s Instagram for more details!

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-21 at 1.49.28 PM
Novelly Yours photo credit: @charlithebookprincess

A Court of Candles – Not only bookish (and non bookish!) candles, but also a selection of teas and bath products. There is a huge sale happening during this week of Thanksgiving (here in the U.S) and new items releasing as well!

The Clever Clove – Creator of seriously, seriously, cute enamel pins for bookworms (and non bookworms!). Not just pins though, but patches, keychains and hats too! I may have wishlisted damn near the entire shop, if I am being honest with you.

Koffee and Confetti – fun custom SPARKLY drinkware! Also available, campfire mugs for the coziest (and best!) time of year! Mugs, shaker bottles, tumblers, wine glasses, and more- a definite for your wishlist.

The Cozy Life photo credit: @katyslibrary

The Cozy Life – Book sleeves are a thing, a big thing and The Cozy Life is just one of many who make some totally bitchin’ sleeves to protect your precioussssss. Available in various prints and sizes, from your e-reader to your hardbacks, The Cozy Life has got you covered.

BabyMyBook – Another book sleeve shop, with the addition of pockets on the outside of the sleeves and the options to customize lettering and add as strap! Available in varying sizes and prints, this mom and daughter run shop is definitely a must see during your holiday shopping.

Riddle’s Tea Shoppe – Where my tea fiends at? Riddle’s Tea Shoppe crafts “fine tea, accessories, artwork, and curious items for the discerning, superior wizard.” Any wizard worth his or her weight in galleons would obviously expect nothing less than the most magical of blends, which is what you can find here. Tea, postcard prints, lapel pins, bookmarks and more.

BookishStarDesigns Large (shoulder) bag. photo credit @bookishstardesigns

BookishStarDesigns– Handmade therapeutic rice bags, with fun bookish and non bookish patterns. Available in three sizes; small and large (for shoulders) bags, and the eye mask (need!) – this is one of those things high on my own wishlist.

Signed books?! Several authors (predominantly independently published) have signed books available on their websites. Make sure to check with your (or your gift recipients) favorite author for availability. 

Kennedy Fox– bad ass boss babe romance writing duo, Brooke Cumberland and Lyra Parish are queens of swag. They have signed books available, and also Fox Boxes which can include a signed book (or books!) and a collection of swag that’ll make you feel spoiled as all hell. The Fox Box’s come in four different size at varying prices. Check their site for more information.

Speaking of boxes, subscription boxes are at the top of so many wishlists, two of our favorites here at Rad Babes, are Nerdy Post and Romance Reveal.

Photo credit: NerdyPost.com

Nerdy Post, created by Alexis @dropandgivemenerdy. Each month features a new fandom theme that can be anything from books, movies, and television shows. All artwork is unique to each box, hand lettered and designed by Alexis herself and guest artists. Starting at $13.95 a month, you cannot go wrong. Black Friday Special! NEW Subscribers save 20% OFF the December box or T-shirt. Use Code: BF2017 Code is valid from 12AM- 11:59PM CST Friday, Nov 24. Check out the Nerdy Post store for subscriptions, past boxes, t-shirts and more!

Romance Reveal is the box at the top of my own wishlist. I have seen fellow Rad Babes (Charli and Emily) receive and the envy is strong. There are three different options available, 1 book, 2 or 4 book plus swag, coloring card, sweet treats and women geared product samples. Each book comes signed by the author, too! Reveal Book Boxes also have an option for children! Check out their Kids Reveal Box for more details.

I wish I could share so much more with you, but the list seems never ending. There are so many creative, rad babes out there, making cool shit sharing their goodness with the universe. I hope this list has introduced you to new favorites, and gifting ideas for yourself and others. Not just during the holidays, but the rest of the year as well. The importance of small businesses and LADY BOSSES is something we can all get behind and support- if I don’t say so myself.

Happy Holidays Nerds!




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