REVIEW: Dangerous After Dark (Dangerous Series, #1) by Erin Thornton



Grace is a young administrative assistant who hasn’t had an easy life. She was a victim of a sexual assault as a college student and hasn’t trusted men since. She dates, but it feels more like work than fun. She doesn’t like to be alone, doesn’t like the dark and is always very jumpy. They never caught her attacker and she doesn’t sleep well knowing that fact. So now she hopes to move on day by day and be a “normal” adult….whatever that means.

Patrick is a detective who loves a challenge. When work is slow he does a random search through cold cases to find a project. It’s the middle of summer and nothing on his desk is pressing and he is bored So back to his cold cases. He pulls a 5 year old case of sexual assault. Looks like initially the investigators weren’t sure if the victim was actually a victim. After doing some digging Patrick realizes this case is very similar to 3 others in his cold case pile where the victims were found assaulted and dead. Can Patrick solve this case and rescue Grace from always looking over her shoulder and maybe save her from herself and show her she can trust men again?

My Thoughts:

The author, Erin Thornton, contacted me about reading her book, Dangerous After Dark, which is the first book in the Dangerous Series. I was really excited to read this book because it is a romantic suspense, which is one of my favorite sub-genres.

The Story. I thought the story was pretty good and had some good plot points and a good amount of suspense. However, there were a lot of grammatical, punctuation, and misspelled words in this book, which made it extremely difficult to read. I was also missing flow in this book. Overall, I did keep reading because I really wanted to know what was going to happen. It was a pretty quick read too.

Grace. Grace was a very sweet character who has had to live her life looking over one shoulder. I really felt for her because she thought she had no one else who cared about her, but she quickly found out she has a great group of friends to call family. Along with a certain hot detective. I admired Grace’s strength, but at the same time I found myself getting annoyed with her. She just made some decisions that really irked me. I did like her though because she was very loyal to her friends and was determined to not let her attacker win.

Patrick. I adored Patrick. He started combing through cold cases when he stumbled across Grace’s case, and he immediately knew something was off. Patrick knew it was a bad idea to get involved with a victim, but he just wanted to do everything in his power to protect Grace. Patrick was her rock to lean on when everything else was tumbling down around her.

I would recommend this book to those who love: romantic suspense and sweet relationships.

Overall Rating: ★★★/★★★★★

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