REVIEW: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black


“Every hero is the villain of his own story.”


Coldtown was dangerous, Tana knew. A glamorous cage, a prison for the damned and anyone who wanted to party with them.
Tana lives in a world where walled cities called Coldtowns exist. In them, quarantined monsters and humans mingle in a decadently bloody mix of predator and prey. And once you pass through Coldtown’s gates, you can never leave.
One morning, after a perfectly ordinary party, Tana wakes up surrounded by corpses. The only other survivors of this massacre are her exasperatingly endearing ex-boyfriend, infected and on the edge, and a mysterious boy burdened with a terrible secret. Shaken and determined, Tana enters a race against the clock to save the three of them the only way she knows how: by going straight to the wicked, opulent heart of Coldtown itself.

My Thoughts:

I honestly had no idea what I was walking into this book! Imagine my surprise when it is a vampire book just when I was feeling nostalgic for a good paranormal read. I have read Holly Black before and knew I was gonna be in for a good story.

The Story. This book was deliciously creepy and unlike anything I have ever read, while keeping true to some of the most basic vampire lore. I was thoroughly creeped out when Tana wakes up to a houseful of corpses and this takes her on a whirlwind of adventure. This book was fast paced and thrilling and kept me wondering what the heck was going to happen next. I was intrigued by all of the characters and the concept of a Coldtown, which is basically anarchy with the vampires being the top tier. There is an abundance of mystery of surrounding the fate of several characters throughout the story. You’re left wondering who are the bad guys and who are the goody guys and there is not always a clear line. There is also a subtle forbidden romance going on that I was totally rooting for. One thing that did bug me was that the ending was left rather ambiguous and left open for the reader to decide what ultimately happens. I hate endings like that, although if the ending was written and it was not what I wanted, then I would have been even more upset.

Tana. The book is primarily told in Tana’s POV with sprinkles of a couple of other character’s. Tana is such a brave heroine and is not what you expect. She is kind and loyal, but she is ready to take you down, no matter who or what you are, if you threaten someone she cares about. Tana very much stayed true to her self when people were giving in left and right around her. She knew who she was even though she struggled with it sometimes. I loved her boldness and recklessness that made an appearance every now and then. She was bound and determined to do what was right. Her willingness to truly see Gavriel for who he is was beautiful and perfect. I just want another book so that I can find out what happened and how things turned out. I want more of the relationship between the stubborn Tana and the somewhat crazy Gavriel.

I truly loved this book and recommend it to those who loved: vampire paranormal, beautiful writing, dark worlds, subtle romance, feisty heroines, and screwed up heroes with a heart of gold.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

3 thoughts

  1. I loved ‘The Coldest Girl in Coldtown’ – it was a great new take on the vampire genre mixed with the modern age without there being this secret society trope… it was gritty and a little creepy – just the way I like it. Great review. Keep up the entertaining writing.
    P.S. The font on your web page is tiny, I was having trouble reading it… maybe I need to renew the prescription on my glasses *awkward* ;p


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