Rad Babes January #Bookstagram Challenge

With January basically knocking down our door, we Rad Babes want to invite y’all to join us for our January Bookstagram challenge! Make sure to follow along with us on the Rad Babes Instagram as Emily and Charli blog through their TBR this year. Check out their original post with the books they will be reading, along with alternative reads that align with weekly themes. A little bird told me there will also be eBook giveaways!

Below you will find the challenge post for January and each prompt briefly explained to help get the creative gears going.

WhatsApp Image 2017-12-28 at 2.43.57 PM (1)



  1. 2018 Reading Goal– instead of your monthly TBR, we want to hear how many books you hope to read this year, whether it be 10 or 100. In your photo, include some of the books you hope to read this coming year (or this month!)
  2. National Science Fiction Day! I couldn’t resist this one- pretty open to interpretation. Don’t read Science Fiction? What about Alien Romance? (don’t deny it, it’s good stuff!)
  3. Sugary Sweet – Happy Release day to The Thing About Love by Kim Karr, a sugary sweet romance. Check out Charli’s review and release blitz on the blog. Post a sweet treat, or a sweet romance, or anything that gives you a toothache.
  4. Prince (or Princess) Charming – Share your favorite prince or princesses – or any character that totally acts like one.
  5. New Year, New Reads – What are some new reads you are looking forward to, new releases or just new to you. Maybe a new genre you want to try?
  6. Sequels – Sequels can be better, or worse. Favorite sequel? Books that NEED a sequel? Sequels that never should have been?
  7. Historical Romance/Charli Recommends – Charli recommends one of her favorite reads from 2017.
  8. Winter Reads – Books that take place in winter, books you read in winter, books with a wintery cover, this day is really open to interpretation.
  9. Best Kept Secrets – Happy Release day to The Wright Secret by K.A. Linde!  Check out Emily and Charli’s review on the blog. Post an underrated read, or a story with secrets perhaps.
  10. World Laughter Day! Share you favorite funny moment from a story/book, or the best comedic character.
  11. Book and Candle – Easy peasy!
  12. Fantasy Worlds – Share your favorite Fantasy world. Not a fan of Fantasy? Post about your favorite fictional location.
  13. #CurrentlyReading – Show us what y’all are currently reading!
  14. Sports Romance/ Emily Recommends – Emily recommends one of her favorite reads from 2017
  15. Moody – Moody atmosphere? Moody characters, your Monday mood. Take this prompt and just have fun with it.
  16. Mr. (or Ms!) January – Happy release day to Down on You by J. Kenner! Who would be YOUR Mr. (or Ms.) January if you had a calendar of rad babes/ dudes?
  17. Alternative Universe – Often feels familiar, but with subtle differences (think… dystopians)
  18. Time Travel – Favorite time travel, this can appeal to so many genres and books. OR! share a time period you would like to personally travel to!
  19. Bookish Closeup – Zoom in y’all!
  20. Swoon-worthy – Who or what has given you ALL THE FEELS recently (or not so recently)?
  21. Slow Burn/ April Recommends – April recommends one of her favorite reads of 2017
  22. Mistaken Identity – Some of the best meet cutes happen with a mistaken identity, but this doesn’t just have to be romance related! Post about anyone who isn’t who they say they are, or who people believe them to be (at first).
  23. Men/Women in Uniform – Cop romances, or any book with someone who has a badge. Still unsure? A uniform is pretty open to interpretation, have fun with this post!
  24. Binge Reads – Share the best binge worthy reads you have, or the latest book you read in one sitting.
  25. Books in the Wild – Take your book outside, or share a book that takes place in the wild!
  26. Contemporary – Contemporary reads, and if you’re like April and avoid contemporary like the plague, then have yourself a free day. Post whatever you want!
  27. Hate to Love – Trope you hate to love, or character you hate to love (favorite Villain?), anything really!
  28. Steampunk/ Myranda Recommends – Myranda recommends one of her favorite reads of 2017
  29. Quotable – Quotable character, or book- share your favorite quote!
  30. Southern Gentlemen/Belle – Happy Release day to Taming Him by Kennedy Fox! Look for Rad Babes review and release blitz!
  31. Monthly Haul/Wrap – Up – Post your haul, what you read, or a favorite read of the month.


There you have it! If you don’t Instagram (or have a Bookstagram themed account),  but blog- we would love to have you participate too! Just post to your blog, Tumblr, whatever, every day (or whenever the prompt calls to you!) and let us know in the comments below! We look forward to the New Year, new reads, new challenges, new friends, and so much more!


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