REVIEW: The Soul Mate by Kendall Ryan


Title: The Soul Mate
Authors: Kendall Ryan
Series: Roommates #4
Genre: Contemporary Romances
Publication Date: August 14, 2017


The smoking-hot one-night stand I was never supposed to see again?

Yeah, well, I might be pregnant, and he’s my OB-GYN.


Emily’s Review

In anticipation for this read, I read the three other books in the Roommate Series by Kendall Ryan at the end of 2017. I LOVED the first book, thought the second book was cute, and didn’t really enjoy the third one at all. I had mixed feelings when it came to reading The Soul Mate, and figured it would either love it, or hate it (I feel like I’m hosting an HGTV show…are you going to LOVE it or LIST it!!!???…). Unfortunately, this book was not my favorite.

The Soul Mate started off strong, and I enjoyed getting to know our hero, Mason. He was cute and sweet, but at the same time almost too cute and too sweet. While I liked him enough, I was actually much more taken with his best friend Trent and would love to see him get his own book because he’s broody, and seems like he’d be full of angst. But I digress. Mason was literally heart broken when a one night stand runs out on him without leaving her name and number. That one night stand would be our heroine, Bren. Bren was, unfortunately, one of my main issues with the book. I just didn’t like her. She felt cold, and hard to relate too, and I just didn’t see her and Mason together at all. It made it extremely difficult for me to enjoy the story. I think part of the issue with her was that she just wasn’t flushed out enough. She continually talks about her mother, and how her mother has acted since her father died. I would have liked to see some interaction between these two characters as Bren struggles with her relationship with Mason, and fights falling in love. I think it would have given the story the heartfelt piece it was lacking.

The other main issue I had was the story itself. I felt like this one used too many romance tropes, and there were too many plot holes for it to flow smoothly. For me, this book was a lot of fluff and not a lot of substance. There were so many things that happened that I just thought were unneeded and didn’t lend anything useful to the story or help move it along. I messaged Charli a few times when reading to complain about how no one was talking about the elephant in the room, and when they did, it was played out oddly and felt disjointed.

All in all, I’m not saying this was bad book. It just wasn’t my cup of tea. And I think it could have been much better if everything had been expanded, and we got to see a bit more of the personal side of the characters, especially Bren. However, the writing was still well done, and even though I didn’t love it, I didn’t struggle to get through it, and enjoyed Kendall Ryan’s writing style as always. She’ll always be an auto buy author for me, even with a miss every now and then!

3 Stars!

Charli’s Review:

I have read several Kendall Ryan books and a lot of them are hit or miss. The writing is always fantastic, but sometimes the storylines fall short for me. That is the case with The Soul Mate. I absolutely LOVE baby daddy books so I was super upset that I didn’t love this one as much as I wanted to.

Like I said above, I had no problems with the writing. My problem came with the characters and the direction the author took the story. I felt Mason was too sweet and didn’t have much of a presence in the book. Don’t get me wrong, he was always around, but he didn’t have a strong enough voice for me. I was not a huge fan of Bren’s either. I felt her story was fleshed out very well and we didn’t really get to know her. I will be honest and say that about halfway through the book I started to skim because I was bored. I just wanted to know how things were going to work out. Then when I found out how things were going to go, I got so mad and was just ready to be done with the book.

I will still keep reading Kendall Ryan’s books, but this one was just a flop for me and I hate that.

Overall Rating: ★★★/★★★★★

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