BLOG TOUR: Day (Hero Society, #2) by Jessica Florence

Day ( Hero Society #2)
A superhero romance series
Day has arrived
A time for heroes to step into the light.Leon has never looked upon his gift as anything but a curse. With his
unbelievable strength and speed, all he has ever done is hurt those around

Both, Hero Society and The Raven want him on their team, but he couldn’t
give a damn about either. He aims to live out his life with anger and
resentment on the sea.

Then she happened.

Lilith is a force to be reckoned with and after one drunken night, Leon
finds himself tangled up with her in the form of marriage.

He has one month to avoid his crazy wife and figure out his plan to escape
the fight he’s been unwillingly thrown into.

Will he choose the society or to be taken by the enemy?

The heroes are coming out into the light of day.

Hopefully mankind is ready for them.

My Review:
I freaking loved Dawn and couldn’t believe I was lucky enough to get to review Day because I love superheroes mixed with some steamy romance!
The Story. I have to say that I might have enjoyed Dawn a smidge better only because I felt like I was dropped into this storyline without any kind of background on our two main characters, Leon and Lilith. I was meeting them and then they were getting drunk and the next thing I knew they were married! Once I got past that, it was smooth sailing. I thought it was pretty well written and had a great cast of characters. my favorites are still Rose and Draco, but I did enjoy Leon and Lilith once I got to know them a little bit better. They both have some pretty tough backstories, especially Lilith, which brought a lot to the depth of character they each had. One of their missions was slightly confusing, but other than that I really got a kick out of the superhero aspect of the story. We really got to see them all in action in this book because they exposed themselves to the world during one of their daring rescues. I can’t wait to see what the next book will bring!
Leon. Leon has been a recluse and hiding his strength and speed gift ever since he accidentally paralyzed his best friend, Charles, during one of their high school football games. He lives in constant fear of hurting those around him and keeps to himself because of it. The only person he stays close to is Charles, but that causes him a lot of guilt. He is not expecting some random girl, Lilith, to become his wife and then be approached by a society who is wanting him to help save the world. He wants nothing to do with either of them, but it seems fate has other plans.
Lilith. This poor girl has been put through the wringer, but she is still a complete badass who protects her mind by dancing her way through life. Lilith is quirky and a little strange, but she definitely grows on you, especially after she takes out a man twice her size. Lilith has a tragic past that has made a tremendous impact on who she is and the way she is. I loved reading about how she opened up with Leon, and her story. She truly is a phoenix rising from the ashes.
I recommend this series to those who love: superheroes, romance, tight knit groups, strong heroines, and protective heroes.
Overall Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★
*Read Book One, Dawn for 99c of Free with Kindle Unlimited
Book Two, Read for free with Kindle Unlimited


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