REVIEW: Sinners on Tour Series (Books #1-#5) by Olivia Cunning



1. Backstage Pass
It’s been months since lead guitarist Brian Sinclair composed anything. But when sexy psychology professor Myrna Evans comes on tour to study groupie mentality, Brian finds the spark he needs to reignite his musical genius. When lust turns to love, can Brian convince Myrna that what they have is more than just a fling?

2. Rock Hard
The stage is the only place lead singer Sed Lionheart feels any passion since he lost Jessica, the law student who broke off their engagement. But trapped together on the tour bus for the summer, Sed and Jessica will rediscover their penchant for public encounters and the millions of steamy reasons they never should have called it quits…

3. Hot Ticket
Struggling with his past, bassist Jace Seymour seeks dominatrix Aggie to help placate his inner turmoil. Aggie doesn’t have much use for men, but Jace quickly steals her heart. When circumstances threaten Jace’s position in Sinners, Aggie must help him regain his rightful place while showing him that time and love can heal all wounds.

4. Wicked Beat
When Rebekah Blake becomes the Sinners’ new soundboard operator, she can’t wait to seduce guitarist Trey. Instead she catches the eye of red-hot drummer Eric Sticks, who sets out to prove that he is the only man who can give her everything her dirty mind desires…

5. Double Time
On the rebound from the tumult of his bisexual lifestyle, rhythm guitarist Trey Mills falls for sizzling new guitar sensation Reagan Elliot. Ecstatic to be on tour learning the ropes with Trey’s band, Reagan finds she craves Trey just as much as the spotlight. When Reagan’s ex, Ethan, returns, Trey’s secret desires flare, and Reagan agrees to a hot new world of sexual experience with the two men she loves the most.

My Reviews:

I binged this series so hard my kindle became a permanent attachment to my body. This series is HOT, HOT, HOT! These bad boy, kinky rock stars and their leading ladies will keep you entertained all the way until the end. The sense of family within this group is so beautiful and heart-warming. I am just going to give brief non-spoiler reviews for each book:

Backstage Pass. Brian and Myrna were pure magic. The intense intimacy they shared was amazing, and I absolutely adored Brian’s ability to compose such sensational songs while he was getting hot and heavy with Myrna. Brian is the type to fall hard and fast, which leads to getting his heart broken over and over again. He is willing to take a chance on the sexy Professor Sex because he can’t seem to stay away from her. Myrna is smart and classy to the outside world, but underneath all of her suits and serious vibes she has a seriously wild side. I loved Myrna’s character as well and was so happy that, after all of the shit she has been through, she found Brian. 4/5 Stars!

Rock Hard. I have a three way tie for who my favorite band members are because I seriously can’t choose. Sed is one of them. Sed is the father figure of the group and he is the one who is always right even though he can come across as a jackass for it. He is the most protective band member of the group and I absolutely adore him. He will do anything for those he loves even at the cost to his happiness. Jessica is the one who got away for Sed and their second chance romance is a lot on the adventurous side. Sed and Jessica are perfect for each other. I wanted to strangle Jessica a few times because she was so blind to Sed’s true nature that it drove me nuts. Jessica is another leading lady who looks straitlaced on the outside, but is incredibly naughty on the inside. 5/5 Stars!

Hot Ticket. Jace was another of my favorites because I related so much to his quiet, observant nature. He was also the most tortured out of all of them because of his horrific past. Jace is still growing in himself and in the band since he is the youngest as well as newest member of the group. He finds himself scared to let his band members see who he really is both personally and musically. Aggie might be my favorite leading lady as well. She definitely had her work cut out for her with Jace, but she knew exactly what he needed and who he was. Aggie was infinitely patient and so confident in herself. I felt the most growth and development out of this couple. 5/5 Stars!

Wicked Beat. I will say that Eric and Rebekah were my least favorite couple. Even in the previous books, Eric was not my favorite band member because I just didn’t relate to him as well. I found myself skimming through their book, not because the story was bad, but because I was not in love with the couple. Both of them have their own pasts to work through, which was beautiful to read. Eric and Reb were definitely made to be together from the moment they met and realized their cobalt blue pieces of hair matched. Eric has always longed for a family of his own, and Reb is desperate to find a man who will accept all of her. 3.5/5 Stars!

Double Time. Trey completes my triangle of favorites. Throughout the entire series, I have loved Trey and couldn’t wait until I got to his book. It was well worth the wait. Trey is the most sensitive, affectionate one of the group, which might be why everyone loves him. Trey grows a tremendous amount in his book and it was amazing. He finally figured out how to let go of someone he loved and embrace the two loves who make his soul feel complete for the first time. I loved his honesty and strength, and was so damn excited for him. Reagan was a breath of fresh air in this rock star world with her being a female rhythm guitarist. She was not about to let any man walk all over her and she was determined to prove she belonged in this male dominated field. Ethan was just a cool glass of water with a side of alpha maleness that Trey and Reagan needed. Ethan was just a solid character. These three were definitely meant to be together, but it doesn’t come without its ups and downs. 5/5 Stars!

I highly recommend this series to those who love: rockstar romance, erotica, binge-worthy series, and lots of spice in the bedroom…or the street…or the alley…or the dungeon…whatever floats your boat.

Overall Series Rating: 5/5 Stars!

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