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From Buzzfeed to Babble to Scary Mommy and even network television—the most anticipated social media viral sensation is LIVE!

The story of romance writer Amy Daws’ relationship with a little tire shop in South Dakota is a refreshingly fun tale that ends in an auto shop romantic comedy that you have to read!

Daws’ fans have loved watching this story trend, but more importantly, they are loving this 5-star read about a couple who meet outside of a tire shop…

Its LIVE-flipped

When romance novelist, Kate Smith, finds her long lost writing mojo in the customer waiting area of a tire store, the complimentary coffee isn’t the only things that’s hot. But sexy mechanic, Miles Hudson, is just up for a friendly test-drive of her new book idea.
At least, that was the agreement…

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viral sensationIt all began when Daws went to Tires Tires Tires to get a new set of wheels on her car. She was suffering from writer’s block, but apparently the complimentary coffee and cookies cured her. So she decided to bring in cars of friends and family so she could keep writing in the magical waiting room.

Her social media musings had her fans in stitches and it wasn’t long before inspiration struck again. This time…Daws was to write a sexy romantic comedy about a romance novelist who sneaks into a tire shop and gets caught by a hot mechanic. You can imagine where the love story goes from here.

Eventually, the little tire shop opened their arms to Daws, even putting her release date on their marquee sign outside.

It wasn’t long before Buzzfeed got wind of it. Then Scary Mommy. Then InspireMore and several other blogs with followers well into the millions. WGN News in Chicago, Fox 10 in Phoenix and Canada Public Radio are all talking about the adorable feel good story of how inspiration can strike in the strangest of places.

Check out these fun features:
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Charli’s Review:

This was my first Amy Daws book and it certainly won’t be my last. I absolutely loved this fresh idea on an author with writers block and sexy mechanics who aren’t looking for commitment.

This was a lighthearted, fun book that had me laughing from page one. Kate was so freaking funny with her rambles and her quirkiness. Miles was “Mr. Cool Guy” until you get to know him and realize he is kind of nerdy too. The story starts with Kate attempting to stay incognito after sneaking into the Customer Comfort Center for three weeks in order to finish her book and help herself to the complimentary cookies and coffee. She gets a whole new idea when she literally runs into Miles, the sexy, sweet mechanic who wants anything but a commitment after the hell his ex put him through. The more Miles gets to know “Mercedes,” the more he can’t stop thinking about her. However, there are secrets between them that will eventually come to light. Will Miles be able to look past these lies or will he forever hold his past against Kate?

Kate Smith is just the boring girl who just got out of a two year relationship with her immature ex. Since he refuses to move out, she is forced to live with him, which sucks her writing mojo out of her. Kate is desperate to write and weirdly finds her mojo again in the Customer Comfort Center at the Tire Depot. Kate refuses to let go of the vibe that the CCC provides her, which is how she runs into Miles. For some reason, she introduces herself as Mercedes, her erotic romance pen name, because she is determined to channel this causal, sexy part of her instead of boring Kate.

Miles is my favorite. He is determined to embrace casual because he spent the better part of his twenties going back and forth with his vindictive ex. He is no way prepared to meet Mercedes and the connection he feels for her. Although, each time Mercedes throws it in his face that they are only friends with benefits, he grows more and more frustrated. He may not be able to keep up the facade of friends for much longer, especially with guys lining up left and right to be more than friends with her.

I highly recommend this story to those who love: romantic comedies, quirky authors, sweet mechanics, and quick reads.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars!

Emily’s Review

I had no idea that this book was coming out until last week when my husband sent me the link to the Buzzfeed article featuring Amy’s Tires, Tires, Tires story.  He thought it was a cute story and knowing I like to read, he thought I’d get a kick out of it.  As soon as I opened the article, I recognized Amy, and off I went to find out more.

Wait With Me is an adorable, sexy, and refreshing romantic comedy about a struggling romance writer and a sinfully good looking mechanic.  When Kate Smith stumbled into the Customer Comfort Center at her local Tire Depot, she had no idea it would cure her writer’s block, and give her inspiration for a new story.

I loved Kate.  I felt like she had a little bit of all of us romance readers and romance authors in her.  She feels like she’s just a boring, run of the mill girl that doesn’t have a lot of excitement in her life.  Her ex boyfriend is an idiot who refuses to move out of their shared townhouse and it causes a ton of tension in her writing.  But at Tire Depot, she can be Mercedes, her sexy, no fear, romance writing alter ego.  I loved seeing the growth in Kate and watching her find out that whether she was Kate or Mercedes she was still a wonderful, loveable woman.

And Miles!  Miles was so much more than just your typical run of the mill mechanic. He had had a troubled relationship in his past, which held him back a lot when it came to his relationship with Mercedes.  He didn’t want the drama he associated with relationships, and that caused him to wall up his heart when it came to a new relationship.  I loved seeing him change as Kate slowly broke through all his previous misconceptions.

I cannot recommend this story enough!  If you are looking for a funny, light, and romantic read, Wait With Me is the way to go!

5 Stars!


She slaps her hand on her knee and bellows gallantly, “But you know what, Miles, you’re right! I should totally find a random hookup tonight.”
“Whoa, I never said anything about random.”
“Well, you’re doing it, so why can’t I?”
I narrow my eyes. “You don’t seem like the random type.”
“Maybe I should be.” Her eyes narrow when she leans in and whispers against my lips. “Can I tell you a secret, Miles?”
“You can tell me anything, Mercedes.”
She giggles and crooks her finger for me to lean in even closer. I’m so close I can smell the faint scent of her cherry lip gloss, and it’s not helping the half boner having a party in my pants.
Her lips graze my ear when she whispers, “My writing makes me horny.”
I nearly choke on my beer. “I’m sorry, what?”
“My writing makes me horny.” She pulls back and nods her confirmation. “I’m serious. I have a sex toy that works really well and really fast, but I miss the heat of a man, ya know?”
My eyes scrunch together, and I rub my fingers in the sockets to make sure I’m awake and hearing this all correctly. “I mean…I don’t really ever miss the heat of man, so I don’t think I know exactly what you’re saying.”
“Fine, the heat of a woman.” She rolls her eyes dramatically “You know what I’m talking about. The heat.”
I frown and shake my head. “You’re going to have to elaborate because I think of a lot of things when I think of women, but their body temperature isn’t one of them.”
“You asked for it.” She laughs and leans in so she’s speaking low and soft and directly into my ear. “The heat of a woman is so much more than temperature. It’s the soft, sensual curves of the female form. The way your fingers dig into the meat of her thighs when she’s wrapped around you. Her smooth, sunken tummy when she’s on her back, the delicate bumps of her ribcage when she’s throwing her head back in pleasure. Tight little nipples in pillows of creamy softness. The fact that you could fold yourself around her and envelop her body almost entirely and still want more. You’re saying you don’t miss that kind of heat?”
I blink slowly, recovering from what just happened. Her voice was a sensual, verbal caress straight on my cock. Then there was the warm heat of her breath on my ear. The deep husk of her tone. The way her warm palm rests softly on my thigh.
Fucking hell.


Amy Daws is an Amazon Top 100 bestselling author of the Harris Brothers Series and is most known for her punny, footy-playing, British playboys. The Harris Brothers and her London Lovers Series fuel her passion for all things London. When Amy’s not writing, she’s watching Gilmore Girls or singing karaoke in the living room with her daughter while Daddy awkward-smiles from a distance.
For more of Amy’s work check out her social media links below or visit:

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Amazon Author Page:

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