REVIEW: Security Breach (Rogue Security and Investigation, #1) by Evan Grace



It was only one night. One night, and I was sure I’d never see her again.

Fast forward six months and I’m staring into those same eyes. Only this time Delilah is my boss’s daughter. But the real kicker…she’s very much pregnant.

Now my only goal is to stand by her, protect her, and make sure my new family is taken care of.

But there’s a certain danger lurking in the shadows, threatening everything I hold dear.

I won’t rest until my family is safe. I won’t stop until I’ve annihilated every threat.

Delilah is mine. The child she’s carrying is mine…and I’ll be damned if anyone takes them away from me.


This was my first Evan Grace book and it will not be my last! I am a HUGE unexpected pregnancy, military/security romance fan so I knew I was going to love this book! Security Breach is the first book in a new series called Rogue Security and Investigation, and Evan did a phenomenal job of introducing us to this new world she is sharing with us.

Reece recently moved to Chicago to join a new security firm after leaving the Army Special Forces a year before, and the last thing he expects to see is his very pregnant one night stand from six months ago…who also happens to be the daughter of his good friend and boss, Jack. Did I mention she is 13 years his junior? Delilah is shell shocked when she finds the man who gave her the most amazing sex of her life standing in her father’s conference room. She had been working for her father since she graduated from college, and won’t let Reece ruin things for her. Dangerous circumstances bring the two together again in the best possible way. Reece is adamant that he wants to be involved in his child’s life and with protecting them both from the people who are threatening them. Del fears that they won’t ever last so she refuses to give into her body’s demands. What could possibly go wrong?

I loved Reece and his strength of character, his possessive, alpha side, and the fact he wants the absolute best for Del and his child….even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. Delilah is still in her early twenties, and may want to find someone close to her own age in the future. Reece was so dang sweet and attentive to her and their baby. I loved reading how their relationship grew.

Delilah was an old soul trapped in a young body. This girl’s mom put her through the wringer with verbal and emotional abuse growing up. All she has ever wanted was to spend time with her mom, but the other shoe always drops. Delilah is so strong and determined to love her baby unconditionally so they will never feel the mistreatment that she endured. Now that she has reconnected with Reece, she feels that can actually happen. She just needs to convince him that age is just a number, and come out of this dangerous situation with all three of them breathing.

This was a well written book and well worth the read. The only thing negative that I have to say was that the suspense/mystery side of it was a tad predictable. Other than that, I really loved this book and am very excited to see what comes next in this series!

I recommend this book to those who love: unexpected pregnancy, military men, tight security teams, take no shit females, and over protective males.

Overall Rating: 4/5 Stars!

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