BLOG TOUR: Bad Boy Brody by Tijan




One punch took him from Hollywood’s Golden Boy to Bad Boy Brody.

The media didn’t care he was grieving his brother’s death. They descended on him, but to change his reputation, his manager got him a deal.

Act in an indie film, one that already had Oscar buzz, and he’d get the movie roles he needed to secure his future.

He took the deal.

Yet he wasn’t prepared for the real-life people behind the script. He wasn’t prepared for the murder the movie was based on. And he really wasn’t prepared for her, the biggest secret of all.

She was wild. She was beautiful. She defied gravity.

But was she the leading role that would tame him?


My Review:

Bad Boy Brody was my 26th book to read by Tijan. There are not a lot of authors out there that I strive to read every book that they have ever written, and Tijan is definitely one of those authors for me. This book was different to anything that she has ever written before. It had such a different feel to it, but I absolutely adored it.

The story begins with a prologue of how Brody went from Hollywood’s next heartthrob to the next bad boy. After eight months of his grief making him act like an asshole, Brody is strong armed into doing a movie in Montana to get out of LA. The last thing he expects is to lock eyes with a stunning blonde as she clings to the back of a wild mustang while they’re crossing the road. The blonde intrigues Brody and he finds himself looking for her and wondering who she might be. Morgan has been living out with the herd, mostly Shiloh and Shoal, ever since her mother died when she was ten. She goes to the main house every once in a while, but the wild always calls her back…until she meets Brody. As the two continue to grow closer, will Morgan be able to leave the wild to join humanity again or will she keep running from the emotions that are threatening to spill over?

This was such a different book all around in all of the best ways. Morgan is a special character who finds solace among the herd in order to deal with the immense trauma she suffered as a girl. Tijan wrote this book with so much beauty for incredible creatures and did it well. The story flowed well and had some great twists and turns. I was definitely not expecting the suspense aspect to the book, but I loved it!

Morgan was a beautiful character to read about and be in her head. She was wild and free and so in tune with Shiloh that it made me breathless. The bond she shared with Shiloh was once in a lifetime and I thought it was amazing that she called Shiloh her sister since she really was. Morgan has lived the past 18 years with Shiloh and the herd and has never wanted to rejoin humanity…until Brody changes everything. Brody is the first human to make Morgan feel alive again and their story was inspirational.

Brody might have been my favorite character in this book because he was everything you want in a book boyfriend. He was kind, protective, passionate, and so considerate to Morgan. He understood her in ways that no one else could. Brody found his strength to grieve his brother and move forward with his life with Morgan’s help. He was willing to put his heart on the line for a girl he knew would never be able to leave the herd, but he took a chance anyway.

This book was magic and I highly recommend it to those who love: horses, beautiful bonds, wild heroines, and protective heroes.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5 Stars!





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    1. Yes, you do! I have been reading her for years now and I still go back and reread my favorites!


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