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Bane, the highly-anticipated next standalone in the Sinners of Saint Series by L.J. Shen is LIVE


Naked surfer. Habitual pothead. A con, a liar, a thief and a fraud.

Last I heard, he was extorting the rich and screwing their wives for a living.

Which is why I’m more than a little surprised to find him at my threshold, looking for my friendship, my services, and most puzzling of all—looking humbled.

Thing is, I’m on a boycott. Literally—I cut boys from my life. Permanently.

Problem is, Bane is not a boy, he is all man, and I’m falling, crashing, drowning in his sweet, perfect lies.

Jesse Carter

Hot as hell, cold as ice.

I wasn’t aware of her existence until a fat, juicy deal landed in my lap.

She’s a part of it, a little plaything to kill some time.

She is collateral, a means to an end, and a side-bonus for striking a deal with her oil tycoon stepdad.

More than anything, Jesse Carter is a tough nut to crack.

Little does she know, I have the f****** teeth for it.


Charli’s Review:

With each book in this series that LJ Shen writes, she just gets better and better! I liked Vicious, I really liked Ruckus, I loved Scandalous, and Bane was freaking amazing. LJ Shen took me to a place of empowerment in this book where the girl gets to be the hero of her own story, which I really and truly admired. I definitely felt like this was Shen’s darkest book to date because of the heroine’s dramatic history, but it was a story that needed to be told.

I am not going to get into an overview of what this book was about because I think it is something that you should go into blind. Plus I can not even begin to adequately describe what all goes on in this book without spoilers. I will give a warning that rape is a very big topic in this book and might be a trigger for some.

This book was so well written and written in such a beautiful way that it had me fist pumping the air for women everywhere. The story flowed well and the characters were beyond amazing. There were so many full circle moments that made me so happy, and we even got to catch up with some of the past characters too!

Bane/Roman Protsenko. This imperfectly perfect man was just the hero for this story. Yes, he was a little shady, but he also had a heart of gold. He was the man who lifted the restraints society placed on him and Jesse and set them free. He was the man who pushed Jesse to stand on her own two feet to become an equal rather than enabling her. He was the man with a passionate, angry heart who protected her from the world while standing at her back when she needed him the most. I absolutely loved this Russian man who wanted to do right by his mom and Jesse.

Jesse Carter. She was my personal hero in this story with her strength and her bravery. With the help of Bane, Jesse came back to life and started feeling again. She came back to life to take back what was taken from her. Jesse was determined to save herself in this story rather than letting Roman take care of it for her. She did not need a knight in shining armor….she just needed her own sword to fight her battles. Jesse’s honesty and vulnerability were so blunt and struck you were it hurt most. Jesse was my favorite character in this story for obvious reasons, but Roman also had his moments.

I highly recommend this story to those who love: empowering heroines who fight for themselves, heroes who let the heroines fight, and beautiful couples who embrace being different in a world where different is rejected.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!

Emily’s Review

Late last year, I was browsing through the books available on Kindle Unlimited and came across the Sinners of Saints series by LJ Shen.  I didn’t know anything about the books, just that I liked the covers, and I quickly flew through Defy, Vicious, and Ruckus.  Each book was better than the one before, and I couldn’t wait to see what other things Leigh had in store for this series.  However, when Scandalous came out, I was busy and life got in the way, and the series got put on the back burner.  When I found out that she was releasing one more book involving these characters, I knew I had to catch up.  I read Scandalous last week, and instantly thought it was the best of the series and that there was no way Leigh could top my feelings for that book.  Then I read Bane.  And I decided that no, Scandalous wasn’t my favorite, because Bane definitely took the cake on that one.  Each book LJ Shen writes gets better and better, and her plots get to be a little bit darker, a little bit deeper, and so incredibly good that I can’t put these books down for the life of me.

We first met Bane in Scandalous, where he was Edie’s best friend/ex boyfriend.  He’s a surfer, and he’s arrogant, and he’s trouble with a capital T.  I was super intrigued by him then, and couldn’t wait to find out more about him and who he was as a person.  Was he really all the things that everyone said about him?  I deep dived into Bane, and realized that he was everything that everyone said, but he was also So. Much. More.  There was a whole hidden side to him, that only Jesse was able to bring out.  With every chapter, and every scene, I fell just a little bit more in love with him.  Like Charli said above, he was a man with a rough and tough exterior, but inside he was housing a heart of gold.

I don’t want to give too much away about how Bane and Jesse meet, because honestly going in blind is the best possible way to read this book.  The less you know, the more intense and inspiring the story is.  I will say this book is darker than anything I’ve read before by Leigh, and deals with some pretty serious subject matters, so it isn’t for the faint of heart, or someone looking for a light and fluffy read.  Because of the everything that happens, I will say that Jesse was an incredibly strong female lead.  I think its something that Leigh excels at in her writing.  Her female characters are always strong, and no nonsense, and even though they’ve been through something that easily could have broken them, they come back from it a better person.  Jesse’s story is inspiring, and I really enjoyed the time I spent getting to know her.

Overall, Bane is absolutely worth every second of reading time, and should absolutely be on the top of your to be read.  And if you haven’t picked up this series yet, then you need to do so soon, because these should not be missed out on!!

5/5 Stars!!!


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About LJ Shen

LJShenL.J. Shen is an International #1 best-selling author of Contemporary Romance and New Adult novels. She lives in Northern California with her husband, young son and chubby cat.

Before she’d settled down, L.J. (who thinks referring to herself in the third person is really silly, by the way) traveled the world, and collected friends from all across the globe. Friends who’d be happy to report that she is a rubbish companion, always forgets peoples’ birthdays and never sends Christmas cards.

She enjoys the simple things in life, like spending time with her family and friends, reading, HBO, Netflix and internet-stalking Stephen James. She reads between three to five books a week and firmly believes Crocs shoes and mullets should be outlawed.

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