REVIEW: A Warm Transfer by Laura Holtz


Review contributed to Rad Babes Reads by @beethanyelyse

I’ll begin this review by openly admitting that most of the time I don’t go for modern romance. Reading has always been a bit of an escape for me, so I tend to lean more towards faeries, the high seas, different dimensions, and the monsters that sometimes peek out of your closet. But I’m always willing to give a book that hinges on the power of music the time of day, and so when we were asked to review Warm Transfer by Laura Holtz, I jumped at the chance! And for those concerned, I’ll try to keep this as spoiler free as possible, but also some spoilers. You’ve been warned.

“For any woman who has sought to reinvent herself comes a story of courage, potential, and finding joy. Tamsen Peel has lost all hope. Devastated by the challenges in her marriage, she struggles desperately to find herself, and in doing so, she discovers a warm transfer.” 

The Things I Loved: 

I admire any woman who uses her art to empower other women, and that’s most definitely what Laura does. Her message is one of strength, healing, and resilience in a world where many of the odds are stacked against you. Despite the fact that this conflict occurs in upscale Chicago, the protagonist’s struggle is easy to relate to for any woman who has ever felt trapped within her own circumstances. This book also sheds light on the fact that so often those who have the most potential to hurt us are those that claim to love us, or even do love us to the best of their ability. Laura’s story underscores the importance of ensuring that you are never willing to give up the things that bring you life, identity, and definition just to keep someone else comfortable.

I also loved the *spoiler free* attention this book gave to mental health & the struggle to pursue it. Over the course of the novel, the topics of counseling, psychosis, medication, and physical consequences of delayed mental health addressed and dealt with in a polite, respectful, compassionate manner. And I will always be a fan of any novel that uses music as a route to healing.

The Things I Loved Less:

Really, there was just one thing and AGAIN, this could be attributed to the fact that modern romance just isn’t my cup of tea. *shrug*. While I enjoyed the romance that grew between Tamsen and her love interest over shared musical interests and classical literature, I honestly thought it felt a bit forced. I questioned why Whit showed up when he did, why he went from no interest to all the interest in just a few pages, and why there was any connection between the two of them at all. Just based on my own personal taste, I would have liked to understand why Whit became the person that empowered Tamsen and helped her heal and grow, instead of just accepting that he was.


Perhaps the perfect beach read? Warm Transfer lends itself to slow days, ocean side sun, sea breezes, and relaxation. A huge thank you to Laura Holtz and Andrea Thatcher from Smith Publicity for allowing me to read, review, and be a part of this book journey!  Warm Transfer OFFICIALLY releases on May 29, exactly a week away!!


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