REVIEW: Cheat Codes (Dawson Family, #1) by Emily Goodwin



Archer has always wanted what he can’t have—Quinn Dawson. Since the moment he saw her, he’s been denying his feelings for her, ignoring the void in his heart he knows only she can fill.

Everything about them was wrong, the kind of wrong that felt so right. But none of it mattered. Not the terrible timing. And definitely not the mess it would create if Archer made a move on his best friend’s baby sister.

It was supposed to be one night, but one night is all it takes to make everything more complicated, and they only have nine short months to sort it all out.

No, none of it mattered. Until it did.


I was intrigued on this book just from the cover, but the blurb really sold it for me…surprise surprise! Surprise baby romance is my jam and to top it off there is some delicious forbidden romance! Beware that this is a duet! I was happily reading along and realized I was 97% in and I was like, BUT SO MANY THINGS HAVEN’T HAPPENED YET! When “The End” came it said book 2 was coming this summer…haha (face palm).

Cheat Codes is the first in a new series that centers around the Dawson family. There are five Dawson siblings, and this one was about Quinn…the baby of the family and the only girl…can I say uh oh. Quinn is 26 and living in Chicago fulfilling all of her nerdy dreams and kicking ass at it, but runs into her long time crush, Archer (aka her brother, Dean’s, best friends), when she returns home for Dean’s engagement party. She can still feel the pull she always felt for him, but she knows he only sees her as a little sister…or is that lusty gaze trying to tell her something else. Archer is in his last year of residency in Indy and looking forward to being done with school. However, running into the girl he always wanted but could never have has turned his life upside down. Fate brings them together again, and one action will tie them together forever or at least the next 18 years. The only question is will they both be honest with their feelings or will they let the tornado this unleashes sweep them away?

Quinn was a fantastic character because she was a successful badass in her own right and she had such a caring, compassionate heart. She was quirky and fun and I absolutely adored her. Her feisty attitude certainly kept everyone on their toes. I really appreciated how she let Archer be there for her immediately after she realized she was pregnant. When it comes to surprise pregnancies, a lot of books go through this predictable bullshit of hiding the pregnancy and not telling the baby daddy, which annoys me to no end.

Archer was a dream. Honestly, he was sweet and alpha and a sexy ass doctor. Yes there were times when I wanted to punch him, but overall I really loved his character. I am hoping in the next book we get to really dive into his story and get to know him since this book focused more on Quinn’s story. I just love doctor romances with surprise pregnancies because they just know everything about it and its so freaking hot.

I really really really loved this story! It was very well done with family drama and angst and all the fun stuff. The sexy times were definitely sexy too. I really would the liked to see Quinn interact with her brothers more and get a feel for the different relationship so maybe we will get more of that in the next book.

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!

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