REVIEW: Secrets of Moldara by Brianne Earhart

Review contributed to Rad Babes Reads by @bookishwinterwitch

Hiya babes! I am back with a review of, of all things, a fantasy novel. If you read my Pride Week post, this will not be a surprise to you. But if you didn’t, then welcome to the fantasy corner of Rad Babes Read! It is small, but cozy and full of random weapons and faeries and lots of feels. 

Honestly, I had very few expectations about this book and yet it still managed to not be anything I expected. This was urban fantasy for lovers of Renaissance fairs and lost princess tropes, sexy farmhands and clues in the form of runes. It packed SO MUCH in to one 350 page book and I honestly enjoyed every bit of it.

You know how season 2 of American Horror Story threw in every horror storyline imaginable and it was awful and disappointing and generally left you feeling like your brain had turned to mush? Maybe you don’t, but for those of you who DO, this book was nothing like that. It had a million and one fantasy tropes – hidden worlds, a lost princess who is entirely unaware of who she is (not a spoiler, this is very obvious from the beginning), guardians in cloaks and swords, a very ugly bad guy and a beautiful yet even more terrifying villain, clues, weaponry – but it did not feel overcrowded and instead made the amalgamation feel entirely original.

ALSO. Guys. Roah. He is protective without being possessive or controlling and beautiful and mysterious and everything I want in a love interest. The slow burn in this book is LEGIT. Like I screamed “JUST KISS ALREADY” multiple times. No shame. The romance is definitely not the focus of this book but it is there and it is lovely. There’s also definitely a relational aspect, which is nice. There’s instant attraction but no insta-love shenanigans, which scores major points with me.

Lotty herself is a complete and total badass. Combine Renaissance geek with archer badass and farm girl with city-educated and you have Lotty. Add in a fierceness and an ability to be upfront and blunt, and she sold me as well. She’s definitely human and makes mistakes, but there’s a realistic nature to this book that makes you think “ok yeah that was stupid, but she’s an eighteen-year-old girl who doesn’t realize she’s in a book and that’s probably what I would’ve done in that situation”.

And finally, for my favorite part: the mystery. The absolute best part of this book for me was the fact that I was just as in the dark as Lotty. Or…ok ALMOST as in the dark as Lotty. It’s obvious who she is in her grandfather’s childhood fairytales, but we get very few answers and the ones we do get happen extremely gradually and on a need-to-know basis. Even at the very end, we’ve gotten very few details about how Moldara works, who the Protectors are, who Roah is. We’ve gotten just enough to understand what’s going on and have a million questions about it. I for one desperately need to read the next one and find out everything about this world.

Here is the link to order this book for yourself. And trust me when I say you should really buy it and read it and love Roah as much as I do because I NEED someone to talk to about my thoughts and theories.

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