BLOG TOUR: Bedfellows by Lola Leighton



I wasn’t looking to fall for one man. Let alone two…

Sullivan and Will are as close as two friends can be. Growing up in the system forced them to rely on each other, and they’ve become accustomed to sharing everything—including women.

Now they’re ready for more. To find love. To start a family. To see the dreams they’ve shared since childhood come true.

Apparently I tick off every box on their list—brains, beauty, and sass. I never hesitate to put both men in their places—which they find sexy as hell.

One problem, I’m a traditional girl, with traditional values—one man, one woman, till death do us part—kind of values.

They’re willing to work to prove how very right the three of us could be, but what happens next is anyone’s guess…

My Review:

I immediately jumped on board for this tour when I saw that this was a MMF relationship because these triad relationships fascinate me! I have read enough Lola Leigh (aka Kendall Ryan) books to know she generally writes great stories so I knew I would really enjoy this one as well!

Bedfellows certainly opens up with a bang when Adrienne hits Sullivan’s truck while Will is inside grabbing their togo order. Adrienne is completely mortified and wants to make it up to him somehow. Sullivan takes one look at her and knows she is going to be the one for them. Sullivan and Will have been longing for a one woman to come around who can love them both for the long haul. Sullivan tells her to come have dinner with them to make it up to him and Adrienne is so shook up that she agrees. After she takes a few sips of liquid courage, Sullivan asks her to go on a date…with both of them. Adrienne is completely stunned and has never entertained the idea of dating two men at once. However, despite her reservations, she finds herself intrigued by the idea and decides to give it a try. She can’t possibly see this lasting in the long run…right?

Overall, I enjoyed this story. The writing was good and I loved the characters. I did feel like I could have gotten more out of the story. I was waiting to get a little more substance, but I just never quite got it because I felt the story as not as flushed out as it could have been. Any argument or situation that seemed dire ended up being wrapped up a little too well for my liking and a little too quickly. Things moved quickly in this book, which I did not mind because it was amazing to watch all of these characters adapt as well as they did. There was one scene that I was really longing for that I did not get, which I was very surprised about. As a whole, this was a beautiful story about an unconventional relationship and the ups and downs that come with one such relationship.

Adrienne, Sullivan, and Will, were all fantastic characters both separately and as a unit. Adrienne was sassy and brave and was not willing to back down even when the easier solution would be to walk away or let things slide. Sullivan always knew just the things to ease their minds and always had a smile to give. Will was your strong and silent type who generally only spoke when what he had to say added to the conversation. Will and Sullivan were the perfect complements to each other and made great companions for Adrienne. Adrienne was treated like a queen between these two and seemed to fit into this triad like she was always meant to be. The love between them all was truly a thing to witness and it was fascinating to read how it all worked.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5 Stars!




“Tonight has been great, Sullivan. It’s just, when I think about adding Will into the equation, I get …”


She shook her head. “Butterflies.”

“Butterflies are good, right?”

“I think so.” Her voice was barely above a whisper. I leaned in closer, captivated by her. Everything about her drew me in—from the swell of her full lips, to her uncertainty about this, and especially her willingness to try.

“He’s not here now. Put the butterflies away.”

“Okay.” She smiled.

I leaned in closer. “I’ve wanted to kiss you all night.”

She wet her lower lip with the tip of her tongue and it was all the answer I needed. She wanted this, too. Wanted me.

My heart pumped faster with that secret knowledge.

Tilting her chin so that her lips met mine, I took her mouth. Gently at first, and then with a growing sense of hunger as her warm, wet tongue came out to meet mine.

She tasted incredible. Slightly sweet from the wine, and feminine and simply perfect.





Lola Leighton is the pseudonym for a New York Times bestselling romance author who wanted to write steamier stories that her mother is most definitely not allowed to read.


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