BLOG TOUR: The Doctor by Nikki Sloane

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The Doctor Ebook Cover

Title: The Doctor
Series: Nashville Neighborhood #1
Author: Nikki Sloane
Genre: Erotic/Forbidden Romance
(Older Man/Younger Woman)
Release Date: August 29, 2018


For years, he was a part of my life. I watched him rush to the hospital countless times, his beautiful surgeon hands racing to save lives.

After all this time, I can’t escape the truth.

I want Dr. Lowe.

Lust chokes each moment we’re together. He promises to fulfill my fantasies—every dirty, naughty desire we can dream up.

Only, I can’t have him.

He’s confident. Experienced. Seductive.

And he’s my ex-boyfriend’s father.


Charli’s Review

I have been snatching up age gap romances faster than I can read them! I knew immediately that I had to read The Doctor when I got a look at the blurb! Age gap romance with her ex-boyfriend’s father?!? Yes, please! Plus I have read Nikki Sloane’s books before and really liked them!

This book went from zero to sixty in a nanosecond, but you will not hear me complaining because the sex scenes were so freaking hot. I mean I needed a fan for some of them…whew! I feel like I need to find more doctor romances because doctors seem to make me love the story even more. As much as I loved loved loved the steamy scenes, there were a lot of them, which seemed to take up the majority of the book. I wanted to be let into Cassidy and Greg’s relationship just a little bit more. Cassidy and Greg had the typical when do we tell him/should we tell him dilemma for a lot of the book, but I still loved the story. It was well written and kept my ass glued to the chair.

Cassidy and Dr. Lowe (aka Greg) were adorable together and just what each other needed. Cassidy needed an older man that wasn’t going to bullshit her and take her for granted. Greg needed a second chance at being young again and letting loose. I really enjoyed both of these characters and I felt their relationship was perfect if a little cliche. This was a very quick read that was light and fun.

Overall Rating: 3.75/5 Stars!

Emily’s Review

I’ve only read a few age gap romances over the years, but they’re becoming increasingly more popular and there’s been a few on my radar this year.  When I read the synopsis for The Doctor, I was instantly intrigued, and definitely wanted to read it.  I’ve read Nikki’s books before, and really enjoyed her sports romance so I wanted to see what she had to offer with other tropes.

In The Doctor, Cassidy had recently broke up with her boyfriend of three years.  They’ve grown apart, and the relationship has become more work than anything else, and it’s missing the closeness it once held.  However, after the breakup, Cassidy realizes that she has a growing attraction to Preston’s father, Greg, and is surprised when she sees that same feeling reflected in his eyes.  A hot and steamy relationship follows, with much of the drama that one would think when you begin sleeping with a man 20 years your senior.

While I enjoyed the idea of this story, and thought the writing was strong and the sexyiness of the story 100% on target, I struggled with the fact that the story wasn’t completely balanced with the amount of sexy times.  There was a lot of steam in this novel, and while I enjoyed it, I felt it impeded what was going on with the two main characters.  I just wish that I could have seen more of their story, and a little less of their bedroom.  However, that didn’t stop me from still enjoying this story.

If you love a good, steamy read, than The Doctor is definitely the book for you.  I understand now why they often refer to Nikki as the Steam Queen, because this book definitely fits the bill!

3.75 Stars/5 Stars

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Author Bio and Links

Nikki Sloane landed in graphic design after her careers as a waitress, a screenwriter, and a ballroom dance instructor fell through. For eight years she worked for a design firm in that extremely tall, black, and tiered building in Chicago that went through an unfortunate name change during her time there. Now she lives in Kentucky and manages a team of graphic artists. She is a member of the Romance Writers of America, is married with two sons, writes dirty books, and couldn’t be any happier.



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