ARTICLE: An INFJ’s Literary Survivor Guide

Article contributed to Rad Babes Reads by @bookishwinterwitch

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Okie dokie. As your resident INFJ, I am the local authority on these wild, fragile, and highly conflicted creatures (are they social or shy? do they want to hang out or be alone? are they sensitive or blunt? nobody knows!). And to be honest, I barely know what we want and god only knows I’m terrible at sorting characters into personality types so instead I’m going to give you a literary survivor guide. This is born out of a combination of my personality type and my quest for all things cozy, so take what you need. Although, I feel like most bookworms are fellow cozy-junkies so I think it’ll work out.


  • Find a nook. I feel like the above and below photos entirely encapsulate what is always in my nook – a candle, tea, a stack of floppy paperbacks, the coziest blanket known to man – but feel free to add personal touches.


  • Nature. I actually need a variety of things in order to recharge, depending on what exactly has drained me. INFJ’s are often highly empathic and thus susceptible to other people’s energy, which can be exceptionally draining. My ideal way to recharge is by going outside for a freezing cold nature walk, but unfortunately that isn’t always possible.


  • Escape. This is what I use books for. When I feel super drained and my energy is really low, I like to escape into other people’s worlds and problems. This is obviously not just an INFJ thing, but hey, it applies. Also, I tend to shy away from too much character angst or I’ll feel drained instead of energized, depending on my mood.


  • Move your body. This kinda goes back to the nature thing, but it’s different. As an empath, I absorb energy, and sometimes it feels like my limbs store it. The only way I can get rid of that feeling is to move. Ballet is my big one, but yoga is the easiest for me to do every day because I can pull it out at a moment’s notice.


  • Tea. So this one is more symbolic than the others. For me, tea represents time to myself just to be. Not really meditating or exercising or thinking, but just sitting and existing and letting my energy recalibrate. Tea is my me time and it comforts me no matter what is going on or what happened that day. I start and end my days with tea. Otherwise I feel weird.


I honest to god have no idea if this is an INFJ’s literary survivor guide, or just MY literary survivor guide. But maybe these tips will help you or you’ll relate to them or this post made you giggle. I’m ok with any or all of the above.

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