REVIEW: The TEXT Series by Teagan Hunter





Let’s Get Textual

A wrong number is supposed to be just that–a wrong number.

Delete. Done.

Do not continue to text. Do not flirt.

A wrong number shouldn’t be the first person on your mind in the morning, or the last at night…and you’re definitely not supposed to talk them into buying a baby goat.

Because that would be weird.

When Zach Hastings and I get into a wrong-number mix-up, we don’t follow the rules. We keep texting and flirting, because he’s wicked funny and perfectly nerdy and a wonderful distraction.

I’m not looking for love, and Zach definitely had the wrong number.

But maybe…

Maybe he’s the right guy. 

I Wanna Text You Up

Chicks or dudes welcome!

Looking for a new roomie? I have a place for you! Like your music loud? I own headphones. Enjoy having late-night guests over? Again, headphones. Want someone to help pay the bills? Do the dishes? Take out the trash? You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours (metaphorically, of course). 

Check us out, getting along already.

Must be able to pay first and last month’s rent up front.
Must be okay with Breakfast & Beats.
No dogs.
No trying to sleep with me.
Two bedrooms. One bathroom.
$350/month plus electricity.

If interested, email
P.S. Wiener pics sent directly to my grandmother. Don’t do that crap to her.

Can’t Text This

“Hi Monty. Wanna see my python?”

That’s how I ended up in the bathroom of some dive bar with a stranger.

Me, Monty Andrews, the quintessential virgin girl next door.

I was so out of my element, but there was no denying our explosive attraction, even via text.

Commence Operation Bang Each Other Out of Our Systems, because that was all it was—unfinished business.

I had no intention of falling back into the sheets with the tattooed, muscly, dirty-in-the-best-kind-of-way single dad over and over again…but I did.

Everything was going great—until we discovered I was his son’s teacher.


Let’s Get Textual

Let’s Get Textual has been sitting on my shelves since it came in my Romance Reveal Box earlier in the year.  I’ve heard such wonderful things about these books, but I just hadn’t moved them up on the to be read pile.  However, when I received a chance to read an ARC of Can’t Text This, I decided it was the perfect time to crack this one open.  I started Let’s Get Textual Wednesday afternoon, and stayed up too late finishing it, and then immediately starting I Wanna Text You Up.  I can’t get enough of this series!

Let’s Get Textual is the story of Zach and Delia.  Zach accidently messages Delia, thinking she’s a client, and Delia thinks Zach is her brother.  Hilarity ensues as both realize that neither person is who they thought, and what started as a wrong number situation, quickly escalates into first a friendship, and then something more.

Delia is a college senior, who just broke up with her boyfriend in the friendliest, easiest breakup either.  The feelings were mutual, and the relationship wasn’t meant to be in the first place.  When Delia meets Zach through text, she feels comfortable hiding behind the screen.  Their conversations are absolutely hilarious, and I was giggling uncontrollably.  I’ve also grown head over heels in love with Zach and his nerdiness.  The man loves Harry Potter for goodness sakes!!!!  I couldn’t get enough of him.

This romantic comedy had just the right amount of drama, the right amount of humor, and the perfect amount of sexiness to keep me happy.  Teagan’s writing was so good, and the flow was perfect.  I flew through the pages of this book, and by the end, I knew I already needed more Zach and Delia in my life!  They’re so incredibly loveable!

Let’s Get Textual is available to borrow through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program.

5 Stars!!

I Wanna Text You Up

The title of I Wanna Text You Up had me singing Color Me Badd for days and days which is not necessarily a bad thing.  I love that song!  And I love this book just as much.  I Wanna Text You Up picks up after the events of Let’s Get Textual.  Zoe, Delia’s best friend is looking for a new roommate.  After putting fliers around campus, she gets a few responses, but none seem to fit what she’s really looking for.  However, when one could be candidate seems a bit desperate, she agrees to meet him.  She certainly wasn’t expecting to find Caleb, Delia’s ask in need of a placed to stay!

Zoe and Caleb’s relationship is a slow burn.  Neither wants to admit their attraction, and Zoe is hesitant to start anything due to girlcode and worry that she’ll hurt Delia and hers friendship.  She tries to resist him, but close quarters, and you guessed it, texting leaves to the growth of feelings and an even greater attraction.  And Caleb is hard to resist guys.  I don’t know who I love more in this series, him or Zach.  Caleb is a bit of a knight in shining armor, and let’s face it ladies and gentleman, that’s hot.

I didn’t think I could love a book more than I loved Let’s Get Textual but everything about this one caused me to fall more and more in love with it.  Teagan’s writing is so so strong in I Wanna Text You Up and the humor was off the charts.  I laughed so hard, I peed my pants while reading this one, no lie.  And I wore a big goofy grin the entire time.  It was unavoidable.  I’m now a Teagan Hunter fan FOR LIFE!

I Wanna Text You Up is available to borrow through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited Program.

5 Stars!!

Can’t Text This

Oh Robbie and Monty.  You’ve stolen my heart.  This innocent good girl, and single dad made me fall in love with love all over again!

Monty is a good girl.  She’s always followed the straight and narrow, so when she finds herself smashed between the bathroom counter in the bar, and a heavily tattooed, attractive man she questions her sanity.  Just a little, but not nearly enough to stop.  Robbie, on the other hand, can’t get over Monty and her prim skirt and collared shirt.  She’s not his type, nothing like anyone he’s ever been with before, and no matter how much he tries, he cannot get her out of his mind.

We first met Robbie in Let’s Get Textual and I’ve been curious about his story ever since.  He’s got a young son named Xavie, and he’s Zach’s best friend, and previous roommate.  He was sweet, if not a bit crass, and I desperately wanted to know what plans Teagan had in mind for him, and as I expected I was not disappointed.  Robbie is hilarious, and his navigation through his relationship with Monty had me laughing out loud.  Like in the previous books, a good deal of the relationship happens through text messages, and I’ll be honest, this might be my new favorite thing.  It’s adorable to see how someone can really be themselves when hiding behind the screen, and let their true feelings show through.  I know, for myself, I’m often much better to express myself through text than I am face to face.  My anxiety rears up in both cases, but is easier for me to control through a text and I think Monty was the same way.

Oh Monty….how I adored her.  She’s different, and funny, and says things like “Oh My Cats” which seriously may just be my newest catch phrase.  All that and her excessive use of the word weiner had me smiling my face off throughout the pages of Can’t Text This.  If you haven’t picked up these books yet, now is the time to do so.  Don’t walk, but run and get these books.  I promise you will not be disappointmented!

Can’t Text This is available to borrow through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

5 Stars!!!

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