MONTHLY TBR: Emily’s November TBR and Goals

I am a notorious TBR maker.  I have lists and lists that say “To Be Read” at the top, and honestly not a lot of follow up.  I’m absolutely horrible at sticking to a list and saying “Sure that’s exactly what I want to read this month!”  But each and every month, I try and try again.  It’s a little charming just how stubbornly committed I am to a thing that I fail at over and over again with.

So for November, I thought I’d try something different and let you, our dear readers, know my plans and see if perhaps telling someone will keep me a bit more accountable to my plans.  Plus I’m excited to see if anyone else shares the same reading plans as me for the month!  I love to talk about the books I’m reading with other readers, so if you see something you have planned on this list, let me know!

November TBR

  1.  Tell Me Three Things – Julie Buxbaum
  2. What to Say Next – Julie Buxbaum
  3. Meet Cute – YA Anthololgy
  4. Every Last Word – Tamara Ireland Stone
  5. Wait for Me – Caroline Leech
  6. The Anatomical Shape of a Heart – Jenn Bennett
  7. More Happy Than Not – Adam Silvera
  8. On the Fence – Kasie West
  9. 44 Chapters About 4 Men – BB Easton
  10. On the Way Down – Ella Fox
  11. The Lady Traveler’s Guide to Scoundrels and Other Gentlemen – Victoria Alexander
  12. Wrangler’s Rescue – BJ Daniels
  13. Desolate – Autumn Grey
  14. Falling for the Playboy – Kennedy Fox
  15. Let There Be Light – AM Johnson

So there it is.  I doubt I’ll get to every book on this list, or even read the books on the list, because I can’t seem to follow directions, but it will be fun to give you guys updates throughout the month to let you know how I’m doing and if I’m getting close to completing the list!

The other thing that I like to do is make myself monthly goals.  These I normally do complete, or at least come close to completion.  They don’t always have to do with books, but I still want to share them with you and keep you updated on my life.  So here are my November monthly goals 🙂

November Goals

  1.  Complete my TBR (I mean, if its a goal I have to complete it right!)
  2. Stick to my Weight Watchers points and make my personal goal for the month
  3. Post on Instagram at least once a day
  4. Review ALL THE BOOKS!
  5. Clean my basement – Go through the kids toys and baby clothes and bring some seblemance to the madness
  6. Use my planner on a more daily basis – This is something I use to do every single day but I’ve gotten out of the habit and I can tell

So there it is.  I little bit of my life that I can’t wait to share with you in November.  Make sure to check back for updates, and I’ll keep you entertained on how bad I’m failing at my TBR!



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