ARTICLE: The Origin Event Signing & Tips to Attending a Book Signing

Hello loves! I attended The Origin Event here in Austin, Texas, last weekend, and had so much fun. I met a lot of amazing authors and vendors and was able to get lots of pictures to document my journey. I decided to take this time to give you some tips and tricks to attending a book signing while I am showing you some of the authors that I met.

  1. Organize your books so you know what books you own, the books you pre-ordered, and the books you want to buy. Here is a screenshot of the first page of my list of books. I was easily able to keep track of all of the books I brought and the ones I bought at the event. After I got each book signed, I highlighted it so that I knew it was done.Screen Shot 2018-11-11 at 8.05.07 PM.png
  2. Put the books in stacks by author and then put post-it’s with your name in each  book because it helps the authors sign books quicker. It might also help you to print off a map because you can map out your game plan.


3. I got a rolling crate to cart all my books around in. I do this because totes and backpacks hurt my shoulders and back way too much. Those books get heavy after a while. Putting all my books in a crate was a little like Jenga, but I eventually got them all in there!


4. Attend the event and meet some amazing authors! Notice that I am wearing VERY comfortable clothes that include one of my favorite bookish shirts, yoga pants, and tennis shoes. It really is a must because you are walking around all day and your feet will be feeling it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

5. Unhaul and reorganize your bookshelves. Below is one of my bookshelves that I had to reorganize to make room for all of my books that I got! I finally had to turn them on their sides to create more room 😦 I would have taken a haul picture, but I completely forgot to before I started organizing!


I hope y’all enjoyed this little tips and tricks article because I know how much signings can be overwhelming. Doing these little things will help significantly…I promise! If you have any other questions or more suggestions, please comment and let me know!

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