REVIEW: Say You’ll Be Mine (NOLA Hearts #1) by Maria Luis

Say You'll Be MineTitle:  Say You’ll Be Mine (NOLA Hearts #1)
Author:  Maria Luis

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  April 27, 2017

Falling in love with your ex should never feel this good …

Twelve years, three cities, and too many pairs of stilettos later, Shaelyn Lawrence is back in the one place she vowed never to return: New Orleans.

Thankfully, her hometown stint is temporary. Better yet, she has a plan guaranteed to get her out ASAP:
Return her aging-but-still-crazy grandmother back to health;

Help her cousin with her boutique;

Evade Brady Taylor, her high school sweetheart, a.k.a the reason she fled Louisiana in the first place.

Brady isn’t even a footnote … until one unexpected run-in with him changes everything. She shouldn’t be tempted by his drawl, she shouldn’t be tempted by the promise of his kiss, she shouldn’t want him.

But she does.

Oh, boy, this was so not the plan.

– –

Twelve years, one city, and too many issued traffic tickets later, Homicide Detective Brady Taylor is all geared up for being promoted to sergeant within the New Orleans Police Department. Or, he would be — if he wasn’t sitting in third place.

Thankfully, he’s cut out every possible distraction:
Hanging out with his buddies;


And, God help him, football.

His life should be distraction-free . . . but then Shaelyn Lawrence waltzes back into it, with her sexy red lips, curvy body, and her f***-me heels. Brady should run in the opposite direction. He definitely shouldn’t spend time pursuing her, kissing her, or landing her in his bed.

But he does.

Shaelyn may have left once, but Brady is determined to prove that Shaelyn belongs in New Orleans. She belongs with him.

For fans of Jill Shalvis and Lauren Layne, Maria Luis’ new sexy contemporary romance will leave you laughing and desperate for more! SAY YOU’LL BE MINE is the first full-length novel in the NOLA Heart series, but can be read as a standalone.


This past week has been ridiculously busy with the holiday, family, and travel so I was looking for something easy to read when I finally had a chance to sit down.  Say You’ll Be Mine was front and center on my Kindle, and I was happy to give it a chance.  I’ve heard good things about Maria Luis, and I always like trying new authors.  I’d say at least 50% of the books I’ve read in 2018 were from new to me authors, and I hope to make that percentage even higher in 2019.

Shaelyn has moved back home to New Orleans to help her ailing grandmother, that honestly doesn’t seem to be in need of much help, unless it’s to keep her nose out of gossip.  Also in New Orleans is Shaelyn’s ex boyfriend, Brady, now a cop in the New Orleans homicide department.  These two foes have not seen each other in twelve years, but when they see each other at a BBQ for the first time in forever, sparks still fly between the two of them.  However, neither one is quite willing to let things go to see where things could go.

By far the best character in this book is Meme Elaine, Shaelyn’s grandmother.  That woman had me cracking up from the very first page.  She was constantly getting in Shaelyn’s business, sticking her nose where it didn’t belong, all while trying to one up her frenemy, who was none other than Brady’s own grandmother.  There was one scene in particular that had me laughing out loud through the entire thing.  The family dynamic was fantastic, and Elaine and Shaelyn kept each other on their toes!

Say You’ll Be Mine was a quick read that kept me entertained throughout.  I enjoyed the book in its entirety though I did find a few parts to be a bit slow.  But overall, I thought the pacing was good, and Maria’s writing well done and the romantic comedy was spot on.  This book reminded me in a way of old school Janet Evanovich romances.  Just that quirky character background, with lots of fun side characters, and the right touch of romance!

Overall 4/5 Stars

  About the Author

Maria LuisMaria is a big fan of books, nature, dogs, and pretty things – not always in that order, though.

By day, Maria is a historian who specializes in 19th century New Orleans and 14th century London. What do the two eras have in common? Not much, except for disease, scandal, and crime – Maria’s favorite historical topics. (For real, if you want to talk any of the above, just reach out!)

When not digging through the archives, Maria writes romances about strong men and the sassy women who sweep them off their feet.

Her favorite book will always be “Scandal in Spring” by Lisa Kleypas – she’s worn the pages so much by re-reading it, but will never give it up.

She loves hearing from readers, so feel free to reach out 🙂


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