COFFEE AND CONVERSATION #4: Or How Christmas and My Basement Has Taken Over My Life…

Hello to all my happy reading friends!  I hope this Wednesday morning finds you well.  It’s a warm 23 degrees here in Ohio, with a real feel of 7 degrees.  Not going to lie, the bus stop was rather chilly this morning, and I hightailed it out of there the minute the bus pulled up!  I love winter, and the coziness of hanging out on the couch curled up in a blanket, but the minute I step outside, I can’t get over the cold.  It seeps into your bones and wears you out.

BF806E70-4805-4F61-8FD2-3C386B41BBBE.jpgIt’s been a while since I’ve been around here just to give a little life update.  We’ve been super busy with the Thanksgiving holiday, and then getting ready for Christmas.  My entire weekend was spent watching football, listening to Christmas music, and putting up all the Christmas stuff.  When it was all said and done, we have up three trees, four garland strands, the mantle, and lots of little things all around.  I’m completely in love with the homeyness of my house this year.  It’s just calm, and relaxing, and makes me think of Christmas’ growing up.  My kids love the look of the living room, and fight to see who gets to turn on the trees each morning.  I’ve personally been hanging out there watching Hallmark Christmas movies since Sunday night, and it is absolute heaven.  I’m terrified to see what my electric bill is going to be in January, but you only live once, right?

Aside from decorating, I’ve started on a mission to really clean out my basement.  We’ve lived in this house for thirteen years, and the basement has basically becoming a dumping zone for everything we don’t want to deal with.  Add three kids to that, with excessive baby supplies, and seasons and seasons of outgrown clothes, and it’s a miracle that we’ve been able to even walk down there.  Our basement is huge.  We live in a ranch, so it is basically the same size as the house.  We “faux finished” one side of it a few years back, portioning it off and adding in a family room, and playroom for the kids.  However, that part of the basement has been overtaken by outgrown toys, stuffed animals, and a massive dog crate.  Something had to be done, and soon!

56445248420__3FA80F02-BD3B-4E40-B99D-F2F811A2C72FWe’re hosting Christmas this year for my husband’s family so I’ve made it my mission to clean the entire basement, going through every box, and every toy so that the kids will have someone to go and eat and watch tv and play.  This disaster over here on the right, is after a few days of going through clothing boxes.  If I can give one word of advice to young mothers, it would be to come up with a well organized way to store your hand me down clothes.  Trust me, you’ll thank me later.  I’ve been at this for a little over a week, minus the holiday family time, and I think that I’m finally through all of the clothing boxes, and trash bags.  I have taken several piles of stuff to the Salvation Army, and have another big pile ready to go.  I know it doesn’t seem like much, but I promise in another few weeks you won’t even recognize the place (fingers crossed LOL).  I have big plans for how I want to rearrange, and make so it’s a more functional area for everyone involved.  I’ll keep you updated as I go along and hopefully I’ll be able to make the big reveal sometime before Christmas.

So, obviously with all that going on, it’s no surprise my reading life has suffered.  Aside from a few ARCs here and there, I’ve been pretty stagnant on the reading front.  There is just too much to get down this time of year to really concentrate on my reading.  I have been listening to podcasts while I work, and I’m excited to be bringing you some podcast reviews and updates in the future!  Look for those in early 2019 🙂

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