YEARLY WRAP UP: How My 2018 Reading Year Really Went…

I had a lot of goals in 2018, of which few were accomplished.  And it wasn’t due to lack of trying.  It’s more of a “it’s not you, it’s me” type situation.  I need to remember when I make goals for myself, that I am a working mom, with three kids 8 years old and younger.  I’m a busy person, and the kids are getting more involved in sports and things at church, and I don’t have the time that I did when they were babies.  So with that in mind, let’s refresh ourselves on what those 2018 goals were:

  1. Complete Blogging Through Our TBR
  2. Read The Mortal Instruments books, and be ready for the newest release
  3. Read 10 “Chunksters”
  4. Read 150 books total – 50,000 pages
  5. Read 125 new authors

Ok, so we all know that the Blogging Through Our TBR burned out by the end of the first month.  Windwitch completely messed me up, and I just couldn’t get on board after that.  I was bored, and didnt like the structure of being told what I “had to read.”  As for the TMI series, that also didn’t happen.  I’m actually going to roll this goal over to 2019, and make a decision on these books.  If I don’t read them in the next 12 months, I feel like I never will.

As for my reading stats, I wasn’t close to the numbers I had projected.  Life got in the way, and I had my least “successful” reading year since my first baby was born in 2011.

  • I read 114 books, totaling 33,540 pages.
  • That total included 90 new releases, 23 from 2017 or before, and 1 2019 release.
  • Of the 114 books, 94 were Ebooks, 11 were PB and 9 were HC.
  • I read 67 different authors, with K.A. Linde being the most read (8 Books)
  • My biggest reading month was January with 16 books and 4,846 pages

Now to the part you’ve all been waiting for.  My favorites of the year!


January – Midnight Blue by LJ Shen


February – Look the Part by Jewel E. Ann


March – Matters of the Hart by M.E. Carter

The Birthday List

April – The Birthday List by Devney Perry


May:  Bane by LJ Shen


June – A Wish for Us by Tillie Cole (I didn’t review this one but you can check out Charli’s review HERE.  I just messaged her A LOT and yelled at her through my tears!)


July – The Protégé by Brianna Hale

Richer Than Sin.jpg

August – Richer Than Sin by Meghan March

Sadie_FINAL cover image

September – Sadie by Courtney Summers

Let's Get Textual

October – Let’s Get Textual by Teagan Hunter

Further to Fall

November – Further to Fall by Catherine Cowles


December – Verity by Colleen Hoover

I’m so excited to see what treasures 2019 brings into my life, and I’ll be back soon to talk about my goals for this coming year!

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