COFFEE AND CONVERSATION #8: SUNDAY EDITION: 2019 is Already Bringing It’s Fair Share of Changes!



We’re two weeks into 2019, and there are already so many changes happening around here.  Right after Christmas, I found out that there were going to be some significant changes happening where I work, which has thrown my life into a bit of a tailspin.  Thankfully, they don’t affect my actual position or what I do, but rather the people I report to.  It’s bittersweet, because I have had the best director now for the four years I’ve been working in this position and I’m sad to see him go, but also know that this was an amazing opportunity that he can’t miss out on.

Reading wise, it’s been a good start to the year.  We’ve had a lot of ARCs to read over here on the blog, and I’ve loved pretty much everything that I’ve read so far.  I’ve had multiple five star reads already, and I can’t see what other excitement this month has in store for me!  So, here’s what I’ve read so far this year:


You can find reviews for almost all of these books if you look through our most recent posts.  All of these books are definitely worth taking the time to read, and at least a few of these will be on my top reads of the year!

IMG_1288It’s been quite a week for me. I have had a lot of changes that I have gone through these past couple of months. I started a new job as a permanent substitute at a school in Austin and I have been reading up a storm because I somehow signed up for like 17 ARCs…haha.  I think I have taken two naps after school because I have been exhausted this week, but it has been a good week!

Here are the books that I have read this week:





We have a few exciting Blog Tour’s coming up this week, including one for Meghan March’s newest release, Deal With the Devil.

Look for the latest cover reveal from Kelly Elliott in the middle of this week, along with a sneak peek of Vi Keeland’s newest release!

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