It’s freezing here in Ohio today.  We’ve gotten about 10 inches of snow in the past 24 hours, and its icy and heavy.  The roads are pretty dangerous so we’ve been housebound almost all weekend and I am completely ok with that.  I’m not going to complain when I’m basically told, “You have to stay inside and read all weekend.”  No arguments here!

I had a busy week at work, with new trainings and lots of meetings, and my evenings were taken up with a lot of different things for my kids.  I both love and hate weeks like that, because it means my days go fast, but I’m exhausted by the time nighttime rolls around.  I’m pretty sure this week, there were at least two nights I fell asleep before 9 PM!  Friday night, my hubby passed out on the couch at 7:15 right after the kids had gone to bed.  We’re very exciting people LOL.

Reading wise, I had another pretty good week.  This weekend alone, I’m at four books.  It’s been a lot of laying around on the couch, with my nose stuffed in my Kindle.

You can find reviews for Bitter Sweet Hell and Deal With the Devil already here on the blog, and the other books all have reviews coming up.  I highly recommend all of these books, I haven’t been disappointed yet this month!

IMG_1288It has been quite a week at work. There was some drama and craziness, but a lot of new, fun experiences! I was in 4th grade on Monday, Front Office/1st grade on Tuesday, Kindergarten on Wednesday, 1st grade on Thursday, and Front Office/Kindergarten on Friday. I am really loving this new position I am in! Other than work, I spent my week reading and cooking, which was successful. I am trying to cook as much as I can at home this year to cut down on cost and unhealthy foods…wish me luck with that!

As far as reading goes, I had a really amazing week! I read seven books this week. Five of them were ARCs and the others were books off of my shelf.

I wrote reviews for Bitter Sweet Hell, Fool Me Once, and Deke this past week. You will find reviews for Pretty Young Things, Where You Can Find Me, and Darkness Embraced this upcoming week! I had a really dark week as far as genres go…hahaha. Bitter Sweet Hell, Pretty Young Things, Where You Can Find Me, Beauty Found, and Darkness Embraced were all five star reads for me. It is safe to say I love my dark books. I highly recommend that you check all of these books out!


We have several exciting blog tours coming up this week, including Tillie Cole’s newest release!

Look for some fun reviews for books by Mika Jolie and Fiona Cole!


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