BOOK HAUL: How Emily’s First Month on My Book Buying Ban Went (Spoiler…She Failed)

So, last year when I was thinking about how I wanted 2019 to look and what I wanted to with my reading, one thing I realized is that I have TOO MANY BOOKS.  And a lot of them end up sitting unread because I’ve fallen into a Kindle Vortex for the past year and read almost ebooks exclusively.  I really wanted to fix this in 2019, so I cancelled all of my subscription boxes except for Book of the Month, which saved me money and also stopped the influx of books coming into the house that I might not actually want.

January was month one and it was….less than successful😂.  The first books that made it into the house were my BOTM purchases.  I had thought about skipping the month entirely, but then I saw that they had the new Lisa Jewell book and the newest Nicholas Sparks book as add ons and I didn’t want them to sell out if I waited until February.  So I ended up grabbing two of the January selections too.  In total I bought 4 books ($49.96):

  1. The Night Tiger – Yangsze Choo
  2. The Silent Patient – Alex Michelides
  3. Watching You – Lisa Jewell
  4. Every Breath – Nicholas Sparks

After my failure at BOTM, I tested my strength at Target.  I did have a gift card that I had received for Christmas so I was at least not spending all my own money.  Target is always a little high on their book prices, but they do price match, so often times I’ll look the books up on Amazon and get the lower price.  I was doing ok, until I saw a few YA and Adult Contemporary that I’ve had my eyes on and then basically all hell broke loose.  I walked out of the story with 5 books ($70.06 -I used a $35 GC to cover half the bill so I spent roughly $35 out of pocket):

  1. Skyward – Brandon Sanderson
  2. Fire and Blood – George RR Martin
  3. My Favorite Half Night Stand – Christina Lauren
  4. The Tattooist of Auschwitz – Heather Morris
  5. A Very Large Expanse of Sea – Tahereh Mafi

At this point I was at 9 books, which actually was a pretty small month for me when it came to books.  I was proud of myself.  But then, I got an email from Book Outlet and they had some YA books that I had really been wanting right there in the front of the email, and I just had to look.  Fun fact – I use to order all my books for pre order and have them delivered on release day.  But I never read them on release day, and they’d sit on the shelf for months, or even a year before I read them.  So last summer I cancelled all my pre orders, and now I keep a list and order them off of Book Outlet if they come up.  I’ve gotten books that I would have paid $18 for on release day, for less that $6!  It’s saved me a lot of money.  You just need to be patient and take the time to go through all their stock.  And they have free shipping over orders of $35 along with a points program to earn gift certificates.  I ended up ordering 7 books, all HC but one, for $38.53.  It ended up being a savings of almost $80 from the original sticker price.  THAT’S HUGE!

  1. Brink of Darkness – Jeff Giles
  2. Lizzie – Dawn Ius
  3. The Outcast – Taran Matharu
  4. A Prom to Remember – Sandy Hall
  5. The Traitor’s Ruin – Erin Beaty
  6. Whisper of the Tide – Sarah Tolcser
  7. Outrun the Moon – Stacey Lee

I may or may not have placed 2 other orders from Book Outlet, but if I did, they won’t be here until February so you’ll just have to wait and see!

Lastly, I got a few ARCs for Instagram tours and reviews in the mail.  I’m super excited about all of these, so look for features over the next few weeks!

  1. Duchess by Deception – Marie Force
  2. Hired – Zoey Castile
  3. I Invited Her In – Adele Parks

So that’s it.  Right?  I just bared all my secrets….Okay, okay.  There might have been one small Amazon order🙈 . It was only four books…(I say that like four is the same as zero or one).  Total on the order was $44.16 but the one book was on sale so I just had to get it.  It was destiny…LOL

  1. Falling for the Playboy – Kennedy Fox
  2. Falling for the Cowboy – Kennedy Fox
  3. Hating to Love You – Erin Rylie
  4. Stripped – Zoey Castile (This one was a rebuy because I accidently sold it to the used book store.  It happens!)

Ok, I promise this time that that really is it!  I’m hoping February will be better.  But if it’s not, March is a new month.  My February ARC list is minimal so I’m hoping to read some of these before the month is up!

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