TBR AND GOALS: What My February Reading Plan Looks Like!

January was a really good reading month for me, and I’m hoping to keep up the momentum in February.  As I said in my January wrap up, I kept my February ARCs pretty light, so I have plenty of time to read books that I have been calling to me to read for a while now.  I’ve been reading my ARCs early this month so I’m not in a mad rush come release time, and it’s making a HUGE difference.

There’s a lot of really exciting new releases coming out in February and I’ll have reviews for a handful of them:

I already finished Text Me Baby One More Time and let me just say, I gave it 6 Stars and it is my absolute favorite book EVER by Teagan and I’m going to need everyone to read it!

The other thing I really want to work on this month is my Romanceopoly board.  I only rolled one spot last month, and landed on LEATHER LANE.  I chose Bitten by Kelley Armstrong for that spot, but never got a chance to read it.  I’ve moved that one over to February.  They’ve also announced their first Mystery Challenge as being FATED MATES, and I’m excited to read The Darkest Night by Gena Showalter.  I rolled four other challenges for this month also:  COLLEGE ROW, SWEET STREET, MAGIC ROW, and TAXI.

And then I’m not going to lie.  If I can get all of those read, I’d love to read just a few others I have picked out, because I really have no chill.  Having the freedom to read whatever I want this month is really going to my head!  I’d love to get through these few books too!

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