REVIEW: Trouble With Audiobooks? Try Read Me Romance!

Read me romance.  Read, read me romance.  Read me romance.  Read, read me romance!

Ok, if I’m being completely honest, and I like to be honest with you, I am a horrible audiobooker.  I get easily distracted, I’m too impatient, I don’t like the narrators, or my listening time is extremely limited.  Because of that, I’ve started a ton of audiobooks over the years, and rarely do I ever finish them.  However, the one thing that I can finish and absolutely LOVE are podcasts.  They’re normally only about a half hour, to an hour long and I can fit them in while I work or clean.  Over the past few months, I’ve found a whole bunch of podcasts that I love but none that combined books and the podcast format that I had grown to enjoy.  And then this week, I discovered Read Me Romance (Thank you Charli!!)

Read Me Romance

Read Me Romance is a free podcast hosted by authors Tessa Bailey and Alexa Riley.  Each week they bring listeners a hot, new novella by some of today’s best romance writers.  The podcasts are updated daily, and each novella is spread out over the week and ends in a happily ever after.  Over the past two days, I’ve finished the first three books, and I am absolutely ADDICTED to this show, and these girls.  The podcast is a perfect mix of funny conversations and then one to two chapters of the novella.  So far the longest episode has been 45 minutes which is just enough long enough to keep me interested, but not too long that I get completely distracted and bored with it.  I can stop at the end of an episode and take a quick break or keep going on with the next episode.

42397479But enough of all those details, let’s talk about the books!  That’s what we’re all here for right!  The first book on the podcast is Closer by Alexa Riley.

Ava fudged a little on her résumé to land her dream job. She’s been working her curvy booty overtime to get her boss’s new lingerie line off the ground. But when her boss’s brother comes in and says Ava should be the face—and body—of the campaign, she’s having second thoughts.

Lucas knows what he wants, and the second he sees every lush inch of Ava all bets are off. She’s not only the one for the job but the one for him, and he’ll do whatever it takes to make her see it.

Warning: This obsessed hero doesn’t hold back, and we were more than happy to let him take the reins. Find out what happens when the thick girl gets the alpha and things really heat up!

This was my first Alexa Riley book, and it was HOT.  This story is an over the top, super sexy, insta love story and it was the perfect introduction to the Read Me Romance format.

While I really liked Closer, I absolutely adored the second and third books that they did on the podcast.

42397510The last place ex-Special forces soldier, Kyle Musgrave, expected to find himself was in a joust at a renaissance fair. There’s a prize for winning, however—her name is Cameron and she’s just as horrified by her medieval circumstances as Kyle. She needs his help badly to escape her would-be suitors. For Kyle, that means donning uncomfortable armor, galloping to victory on a stubborn steed and claiming a reward he never expected. If she’ll have him.

Like Alexa Riley, I had never read Tessa Bailey before.  I’ve seen her books around, and I’ve been interested in reading them before, but like we all know, my TBR is an overwhelming mess, so I have yet to get to her.  Renaissance Man has the perfect mix of humor and sexiness, and Tessa’s writing was fantastic!  I gave Renaissance Man five stars, and immediately downloaded a handful of her other books to read!

42397505In the twenty-five years I’ve known Cory York, the only thing I didn’t fake with him were my orgasms.

In seventh grade, I faked a stomach flu to stay home and keep him company while he was sick. I ended up with a virus that kept me out of school for an entire week.

In twelfth grade I faked an injury to avoid going to prom by myself. He took pity on me, dumped his original date and escorted me to the dance where the spurned girl dumped an entire pitcher of red punch over my head.

In college, I faked being in a relationship with him to get him out of a bind with a classmate. Most recently, I faked a proposal, an engagement, and wedding date.

Between the ring on my finger and the home cooked meals every night, I fell for him. So I left, because Cory York is a good friend, but a terrible boyfriend. I had to leave before he broke my heart.

We went from best friends to silent strangers. Now that I’m back in town, he wants me to be his plus one for his cousin’s wedding. This time I’ll have to fake not loving him.

THIS HAS BEEN MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE BOOK SO FAR!!!!  I want everyone to listen to this one immediately because it is so, so, so good!!!  This is actually Charli’s favorite so far too, so you have both of our opinions to go off of!  And we never steer you wrong!  Charli has been reading all of Claire’s other books, and I can’t wait to see what recommendations she gives me!

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  1. You are so welcome! I hope you check them out and find them to be as good as I do. There’s a facebook group too if you’re interested where you can talk about different episodes and chat with the hosts. Plus they do giveaways. It’s a great little spot in the book community!


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