Hi friends 🙂 . Happy Post Valentine’s Day!!  I hope you’re all having a fantastic February and that the weather has been treating you well.  It’s been both cold and rainy here in Ohio, but we’re doing well.  I’m definitely ready for Spring, and for the weather to break.  I could definitely use some sunshine!

Life has been pretty busy since the end of January, and we’ve had so much going on it’s been a bit ridiculous.  Just this week, we had things going on four out of the five evenings of the work week and it was exhausting!  Baseball tryouts are at the end of the month for our oldest, and things will just keep moving forward from there.  The hubby and I also started watching Lethal Weapon on Hulu, and we’ve blown through the first two seasons in the last week and a half.  It’s so good!  I never thought I’d actually like it, but I’ve really enjoyed it.  It’s definitely a must watch if you haven’t seen it!!

Reading wise, I’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks.  I discovered Read Me Romance, which I talked about last week, and it’s introduced me to so many awesome authors.  Here’s what I’ve read this week:




I reviewed Dance Upon the Air earlier in the week, and look for reviews of the others in the next few days!!

IMG_1288Hello loves! It has been a crazy busy week recovering from Holidays with the Belles and Valentine’s Day so I have hardly had time to breathe. I wrote up a post about my time at HWTB and all the tips and tricks that I use when attending a signing so definitely check that out here!

One thing that I have been doing more of this week is cooking at home, which I was super proud of myself for. I made salmon with cauliflower fried rice, baked broccoli macaroni and cheese, and fried pork chops with roasted brussel sprouts and butternut squash. I get almost all of my recipes off a website called Skinny Taste and it is legit my cooking bible because it has so many amazing recipes for half the calories. But the crazy thing is…the food still tastes really good and flavorful. If you are like me and trying to cook at home more, then I highly recommend that you check this website out.

I have had a great couple of weeks of reading since I talked with y’all last! Since discovering Read Me Romance, I have found so many new authors to explore, which is so fun! Between physical books, audiobooks, and ebooks, I have read 8 books this week!


The only book that I have reviewed so far out of this bunch is The Coppersmith Farmhouse, but definitely keep your eye out for reviews for some of these other books!


Look for the cover reveal of RS Grey’s newest release, Make Me Bad, this week.

An excerpt of Susan Mallory’s newest release, California Girls, will be up on the blog on Tuesday!

The blurb for Fiona Cole’s newest release, Savior is also coming this week!




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