REVIEW: Theirs for the Night and Forever Theirs (Thalanian Dynasty #1 and #2) by Katee Robert

40058035Title:  Theirs for the Night (Thalanian Dynasty #1)
Author:  Katee Robert

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  July 31, 2018

Meg Sanders has spent her life playing by the rules—until tonight. It’s her birthday and she’s determined to be a little wild and a whole lot carefree, at least until she has to get back to reality tomorrow. But the last thing she expects is to be seduced on the dance floor by two gorgeous men.

Theo and Galen are each incredibly sexy on their own, and potentially devastating as a pair—and they want her. Meg isn’t down for anything resembling complicated when her life is such a mess, but the two of them win her over with the promise of a night out of her deepest, darkest fantasy—and that they walk the next morning with no strings attached.

After all, anything goes when it’s only for one night…




Title:  Forever Theirs (Thalanian Dynasty #2)
Author:  Katee Robert

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Publication Date:  September 10, 2018

Meg Sanders enjoyed her wild night with a prince and his bodyguard—but now she’s moving on. She has enough problems without borrowing the kind of trouble Theo brings just by being who he is. But no matter how determined she is to leave that night a fond memory, she hasn’t seen the last of Theo and Galen… 

Galen Mikos life boils down to one goal. Keep Theo alive. But as long as Theo draws breath, he’s a threat to the powers that have taken over Thalania—and anyone they associate with runs the risk of becoming a target, too. Galen will never forgive himself if they let their selfish desire for Meg puts her in danger. But it might already be too late… 

Theo Fitzcharles might be an exiled prince, but he doesn’t intend to stay that way. He’s only concerned with one thing—clearing his mother’s name and reinstating himself as Crown Prince of Thalania. There’s no room in that plan for distraction, especially when it makes him forget himself the way Meg does. But after spending one perfect night with her and his best friend, Theo has no intention of leaving her alone. 

Even if it damns all three of them in the process.


I’ve started this review like four times now, because every time I get started it basically just turns into me fanning myself a lot and thinking about how amazing these books were.  So, with those thoughts in mind, let’s get started.  Prior to Monday of this past week, I didn’t even know who Katee Robert was.  And I certainly had never heard of the Thalianan Dynasty.  But then, I was listening to my good old friends over at Read Me Romance, and they introduced the next book up as Their Second Chance.  It was a standalone within the same world as the Theirs for the Night, and once I started I was completely hooked, and I had to know more about this world.  Plus, the first three books in the series were MMF, and royal romances.  You all know that royal romances are completely my jam, and Charli has been pushing me to read more MMF.

I picked up Theirs for the Night free on Kindle, and immediately dived right into it.  Meg is a struggling college student who meets Theo and Galen at a dance club on her 23rd birthday.  They spend one night together, and it’s amazing, but the next morning she goes her way, and they leave the country, trying to track down more details surrounding Theo’s uncle’s plan for the royal coup that he put in place.  Coming in at just 70 pages, this first book was basically a steamy introduction to meet the characters that would be center stage throughout the next two books.  The writing in Theirs for the Night was really well done, and the smexy times were great, so I was super intrigued to start the next book Forever Theirs.  Forever Theirs promised more of the political intrigue that I so love in a royal romance and I was ready to see where Katee was going to take us and how these three were going to maneuver all of their new found feelings.

Forever Theirs starts three months after the events in book one, and I was almost immediately drawn into the story.  We learn so much more about Theo and Galen within the first few chapters, and I instantly fell in love with them both, though if I really had to choose, I’d say Galen edged out in front just a bit.  Not being able to resist the attraction that both he and Galen have to Meg, Theo finds her when they return to New York, and tries to get her back in his good graces with a dinner invitation.  When that doesn’t work, he instead decides to pay off her tuition, making her really blow her stack.  However, while it definitely gets Meg’s attention, it also gets the attention of Theo’s Uncle Philip, who will do anything to eliminate Theo from the throne, including killing him and his two lovers.

The action in this one picks up pretty quickly, and I couldn’t put down Forever Theirs.  I read the book in one day, even with a full day of work, and taking care of all three kids.  I was completely wrapped up in the story, and in these characters.  I desperately wanted to see them get their happily ever after, and to overcome all the royal drama surrounding Theo and Galen.  Listen, when it comes down to it, these are some of the most favoritest of books that I’ve read in a long, long time.  I absolutely adore these three characters.  I loved Meg and her stubbornness and the fact that she wouldn’t just let these two alpha’s bowl her over.  I loved Theo and the fact that he wanted to make everything right for everyone, and I adored Galen and his overprotectiveness and his almost desperate need to keep those whom he loved safe.  If you’ve been thinking about reading a MMF romance, and didn’t know where to start – THESE BOOKS ARE THE PERFECT PLACE TO JUMP IN!!!  Honestly, I can’t praise these books enough, and I haven’t even told her about the third book yet ;).  Make sure to check back sometime later this week for a run down on what happens in Theirs Ever After.  

Theirs for the Night – 4 Stars

Theirs Forever – 5 Stars!!!!


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