REVIEW: Betting on Forever (Battle Born MC, #1) by Scarlett Black

40782845.jpgAlessia DeRosa is a full of fire and ambition. When life throws her a curveball, her pride won’t allow room for failure. Betting on herself, Alessia cashes out of the life she was dealt, picks up the pieces of her shattered heart and moves on to a future unknown.

Blade Johnson was born into the Battle Born MC. He loves his club life, he loves his brotherhood, and that is all he needs or, so he believes.

When challenges arise, and he doesn’t know who he can trust. Loneliness starts creeping in. That’s until one fiery brunette catches his attention.

Unexpectedly, the two meet, sparking desire and life back into their hearts and dreams. He can’t stay away from the woman who warms his cold heart. She can’t help but to let the strong man tear down the walls around her heart.


I am gearing up for the Motorcycles, Mobsters, and Mayhem, event signing here in Austin, and Scarlett Black is on my list of authors to read before the event. Betting on Forever is my first book by this author and it certainly won’t be my last because it was fantastic!

Oh boy! Talk about a feisty ass heroine with a devious side. Alessia DeRosa fled her old life after catching her husband cheating on her. She took her girls and opened up a bar in Reno where one badass MC Prez waltzes in wanting to buy the building next door for his new tattoo shop. Alessia and Blade clash heads from minute one, which makes them both hot, but no way in hell will Alessia let another man into her heart. However, their paths are more entwined than Blade realizes and he is going to have to show her who is boss in order to get under her skin and into her heart. When outside forces threaten to keep them apart, will Alessia let her guard down to trust Blade to keep her safe?

Alessia is a take no prisoners, no holds barred personality who grew up in the MC world where her dad taught her how to take care of herself. I loved Alessia, aka Vegas, antics and the sly way she had about her. She was very inventive on getting her way and came up with some smart schemes to keep herself and those she loves safe.

Blade is your ultimate badass, scary mofo who will torture, maim, and kill, anyone who fucks with what is his. I loved how dominant Blade was, yet he was soft when it came to Alessia. She was the perfect match for Blade because he needed someone who could live the tough life he lived. As Blade is trying to get things on track with Alessia, he is also dealing with threats against the club. There are people out there who are trying to take him down, and Alessia has now become a possible target.

There is not a couple more perfect than Alessia and Blade. They were just what each other needed at the time they needed each other. I loved loved loved getting to know everyone in this world and their antics. I am stoked for them to get their books because its going to be so fun!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!


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