REVIEW: Red Hot Winter by K. Webster (Read Me Romance Audio)

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Title:  Red Hot Winter
Author:  K Webster
Genre:  Contemporary/Erotica
Publication Date:  December 3, 2018

August is bitter and cold.
Two people he loved most betrayed him.

Winter is hot and sultry.
She’s the enemy’s daughter.

A blowout fight between Winter and her dad sends her straight into August’s waiting arms.
But August doesn’t want to hold her…he wants revenge.

The two are an explosive combination whenever they’re together. August antagonizes and Winter pushes back. Under all the hate burning between them is an attraction so intense, neither can ignore it.

It’s only a matter of time before it consumes them both.


Emily’s Review

I’ve seen K Webster’s books around for a long time, and I’ve been told that they’re fantastic, plus she’s the queen of taboo reads.  But they’re so far down my TBR, I just haven’t gotten a chance to really read them yet.  Because of that I was really excited when I saw that she was one of the featured authors on the Read Me Romance podcast, and I was not disappointed.  Red Hot Winter is an age gap romance of epic portions and I was absolutely taken with this couple.

August is bitter, and angry and has let the hatred for his ex wife and ex business partner fester inside him now for months.  So when his enemies daughter lands on his doorstep, his thoughts of revenge are completely overwhelming.  He plans to make Winter’s life miserable, while at the same time using her to exact revenge on the people that have left him so empty in life.  Tables are turned though when August realizes that he has a growing affection for Winter, and that she feels the same way about him.

This book was HOTTTTTTT.  I immediately texted Charli and told her to start listening because this book was right up her alley and I needed to talk to her about it as soon as possible.  This book literally was burning up my phone with its sexiness, and I was completely enthralled with it the throughout the entire five podcasts that it covered.  I fell head over heels in love with this couple, and I was so happy when we got a happily ever after and an epilogue.  This may very well be my most favorite book of the podcast so far, and I cannot wait to dive into more of K Webster’s back list and see what other gems she has out there for me to read!

5 Stars!!

Charli’s Review

HOT DAMN! Now, K. Webster has always been an author on my radar, but I never took the plunge on reading anything by her. Red Hot Winter was the first book of hers that I read and it was so freaking good, especially for a novella.

There was just so much sexiness in this book that had me begging for more. I honestly wish that I had a full book on this book because I could not get enough of August and Winter. This was an age gap romance that had me aching and needy and salivating. I am a sucker for age gap romance (older hero/younger heroine) and I listened to all five podcasts in one sitting. August had no idea that he was waiting on Winter to cure his bitterness, and Winter was waiting for August to give her a safe place to be herself. These two were perfect and I loved them.

I immediately read another book by K. Webster after listening to this book because I NEEDED more of this author and her taboo deliciousness. I am so excited to see what else she has written!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!


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