FIVE STAR FRIDAY: Hey Sunshine (Hey Sunshine, #1) by Tia Giacalone

25392676.jpgAvery Kent knows that life can change in an instant: one second you’re on your way out of small-town life, the next you’re left heartbroken and stunned when your thrill-seeking high school boyfriend runs off in pursuit of a potentially dangerous dream.

Four years later, everything is different. When Chase returns, admitting he made a mistake and asking for a second chance, Avery wants to think she can trust him again.

But when the arrival of a handsome, quiet stranger named Fox shifts Avery’s focus, she realizes that things are about to get a lot more complicated.

When is a lot of history enough reason for a future? And how do you ignore the way someone makes you feel, especially when they were the last thing you ever expected?

A Few Thoughts: 

I read this book two years ago and it is still a book that I think about! I love the feel of this small town, college age romance that is full of angsty romance. I am usually not one for super complicated relationships, but this is an exception. I loved everything about this book: the way it was written, the characters, the overall feel of the book. Book 3 recently released to I highly recommend that you check it out!

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