REVIEW: I Invited Her In by Adele Parks

I-Invited-Her-INTitle:  I Invited Her In
Author:  Adele Parks

Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Publication Date:  February 5, 2019

Imagine the worst thing a friend could ever do.

This is worse. 

When Mel receives an unexpected email from her oldest friend Abi, it brings back memories she thought she had buried forever. Their friendship belonged in the past. To those carefree days at university.

But Abi is in trouble and needs Mel’s help, and she wants a place to stay. Just for a few days, while she sorts things out. It’s the least Mel can do.

After all, friends look out for each other, don’t they?

I Invited Her In is a blistering tale of wanting what you can’t have, jealousy, and revenge from Sunday Times best-seller Adele Parks.


I Invited Her In has been on my list of anticipated reads since I participated in the excerpt reveal back in November, and I was thrilled when I was offered a chance to participate in the blog tour.  Thrillers are a guilty pleasure of mine, and I love using them to break up all of my romance reading.  I Invited Her In sounded like the perfect dose of creepiness and suspense that I needed after binging 25 romance novels in a row!

This is the story of two friends, Abi and Mel who met and become inseparable during University.  When an unplanned pregnancy derails Mel’s plans, her friendship with Abi crumbles with her dreams.  That is until several years later when Abi appears at her doorstep, hoping to escape her rich and powerful husband.  As the friendship is rekindled, the reader is wrapped inside a tale of intrigue and suspense that had me flipping the pages at a ridiculously fast pace.

One thing that I love about a thriller, and it’s an absolute must for me when I read one, is fast pacing.  I struggle with thrillers that move too slowly because I feel like it delays the build up of the story and makes it hard for me to get fully immersed in the story.  I’ve set aside more than one thriller because I couldn’t connect when what was going on within the pages enough to stay hooked.  Fortunately, I didn’t have any of those issues with I Invited Her In.  Adele Parks pacing and development were spot on, and the time I was reading flew by.  She created a journey with twists and turns that I didn’t see coming, and made for an incredible journey.  Plus her character development was absolutely EXCELLENT and I was so overwhelmed by the character of Abi and the sheer wickedness of her personality.  It was the perfect play in a thriller of this kind.

Overall, I am so, so happy that I picked this one up, and gave it a try.  This is definitely a thriller that I will be recommending to others to read, as I loved every suspenseful minute I spent with these characters!

5 Stars!!

About the Author

Adele-ParksAdele Parks one of the most-loved and biggest-selling women’s fiction writers in the UK. She has sold over 3 million books and her work has been translated into 25 different languages.

1500+ 5 star reviews have kindly been written by her fans on 🙂

She has published 15 novels in the past 15 years, all of which have been London Times Top Ten Bestsellers.

Adele was born in the North East of England, in 1969. She enjoyed a traditional 1970’s childhood, watching too much TV and eating convenience food because nobody minded if kids did that in those days. Since graduating from university, where she studied English Language and Literature, she worked in advertising and as a management consultant. In 2010 Adele was proud to be awarded an honorary doctorate of Letters from Teesside University.

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2 thoughts

  1. Thanks for such a great review! I also read thrillers to break up my wave of romance novels, they are such great reads. Thanks for being on this tour!

    Sara @ TLC Book Tours


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