REVIEW: Striker (No Prisoners MC, #1) by Lilly Atlas

29412998Dr. Lila Emerson is finally free of the shadow of her politically connected family, with her new job in a small town Emergency Room. But her new peace is shattered when she encounters the dangerous, but compelling Striker. He’s everything she should stay away from, but all she craves. And since he keeps turning up in her ER, he’s hard to avoid.

As Vice President of No Prisoners outlaw motorcycle club, Striker is no stranger to violence. But when it touches the pretty doctor he wants in his bed, he’ll do anything to keep her safe. When Striker and Lila are thrust together, sparks fly and passions ignite. Before long they find themselves entangled in a relationship neither saw coming.

The MC can and will eliminate any threat against Lila, but what if they—and the man she’s falling for—are the reason she’s in danger?


I have definitely found a new favorite MC romance series! Hook was the prequel novella and it was one of the best novellas I have ever read. I knew I needed to continue this series with Striker because I fell in love with his character in the novella.

Lilly Atlas writes amazing dark romance with grit and a whole lot of heart. The world building and the character development is on point and she writes mature characters. This book was well written and I loved the pace of it.

Lila probably stole the show for me in this book because she a strong heroine who will not show fear even if she is in the most dangerous situation. She is willing to look death in the face and do everything she can to survive. All she wanted when she moved to small town Arizona was to make a name for herself without her parents influence. She did not expect to be engulfed into this whole different world with vulgar men who would do anything to protect her, especially Striker. Lila has never met a man like Striker who wears his sexual desire like a shroud and is a possessive alpha male who is the vice president of the No Prisoners MC. However, she can’t stay away from him and finds she wants to be with him despite the danger to herself and her reputation.

Striker is a rough and tough man with a tender underbelly for a certain doctor he has grown attached to. He never wanted to bring her into his world, but when her skills are needed to save a prospect, he takes the risk. This risk leads them down a path of no return with danger around every corner. I loved how Striker loves Lila. He loves her for her brain and passion as well as her body.

I not only fell in love with Lila and Striker, but Jester, Gumby, and the rest of the club as well. I am so excited for them to get their books!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!

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