MONTHLY WRAP-UP: The 21 books I read in March 2019

I had a fantastic reading month! I read a couple more Read Me Romance books, I read several ARCs, and I read books from authors attending MMM19 next week! I have also been super busy this month with work and various things. Emily and I are hoping to get back on track with our posting schedule starting April 1st!

Read Me Romance: 

43325084.jpg 42397474.jpg

Bombshell was by far my favorite of the RMR books! It was a secret baby romance, which you know is my kryptonite!


Bennett Mafia, Blindsided, and Dead of Night, were my faves from this group. I read a lot of M/M, but Blindsided might be one of my top M/M reads that I have ever read! Tijan is my unicorn author who I love to pieces and who writes loyal, passionate reads that I love! I have read a ton of paranormal romance this month and I was so happy to read Dead of Night because it was great!

Reviews: Make Me Yours, Bennett Mafia, Worship, Blindsided, Savior, Dead of Night (Coming Soon!)

MMM19 Authors: 

Reviews: Hook, Striker, and Heaven Sent


I became obsessed with this series this month. One of the challenges for Romanceopoly was Fated Mates, which led me to reading My Commander. I love love love stories with mates or soulmates or one true love stories in them. That is my hopeless romantic self coming through! I am hoping to write a review soon for this series as well!


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