BLOG TOUR: Judge of Hell (Hell Night, #3) by Alex Grayson

Title: Judge of Hell
Series: Hell Night Series #3
Author: Alex Grayson
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 4, 2019

NOTE: Judge of Hell may contain triggers for some due to mature content, abusive situations, and harsh language
Fierce, loyal, controlled. Three things Judge became at a young age.
Enduring unimaginable horrors no child should, he swore no person would dictate his or his brother’s lives again.
Revenge fueled him, setting a path destined from the moment he and his brothers escaped their hell. Nothing would stop him from destroying the ones who’d wronged him, even if that meant giving up the only woman to ever make him feel more than the heat of vengeance.
He let Ellie go, threw her away, never knowing the consequences of his actions.
Twelve years later, she reappears in his life, and she has some hellacious secrets of her own. Ones that knock Judge on his ass and threaten his ironclad control.
His life quickly changes course. Priorities are shifted and sacrifices are made. Judge has a decision to make. Will he give up his incessant need for retribution? Or will he sacrifice something he never dreamed he could have, but desperately wants.
Or is it possible to have both?


Charli’s Review:

Oh my freaking goodness! I love this series and I love this author so damn much. Once again, Alex brings us a story filled with pain, regret, and emotions so deep they claw under your skin and stay there. She also brings us a story filled with passion, second chances, and an overwhelming sense of loyalty and love that literally spills off the page. Another job well done!

With each brother’s story, I fall more and more in love with them. I was so damn happy with the way Alex wrote Judge’s story. It was absolutely perfect for the man who was determined to only keep surface level relationships with women. It was told brilliantly and I loved the suspense element in this story. I definitely did not see what was coming, which is a feat in itself because I can normally figure out the twist before it comes!

Judge. Going into this story, I knew Judge had a horrific childhood, as did the rest of the brothers, but getting inside his head really gives me a sense of what he went through. He has always been the protector of his group because he was the oldest. Judge is willing to sacrifice anything and everything for those he loves. That is no different when Ellie comes barreling into his life holding secrets that can knock him to his knees. Ellie never gave him his heart back after he broke things off, and he has set his mind and heart on winning her back.

Ellie. After having her heart shattered and being dealt a shitty hand of, “wrong place, wrong time,” Ellie is scared of letting anyone in her life aside from the most important person in her world. She has been rejected one too many times by the people who claim to love her unconditionally to let anyone past her walls. However, life threatening circumstance force her to turn to the one man she swore she would never see again…Judge. As they get reacquainted and grow closer, Ellie has a harder and harder time not giving in to Judge, but can they forget past grievances to try again?

I absolutely loved the journey these two took in this book. It was perfect for them. The ending had me like…*jaw dropped, stunned beyond belief*…and beyond desperate for Emo’s book, Key to Hell. Y’all…Emo’s book just might break me, but his is the book that I have been waiting for!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!

Emily’s Review 

I will forever be grateful to Charli for telling me to pick up these books because they are just so unbelievable and one of my favorite dark romance series.  I was so excited when I found out we were getting a book about Judge, and I couldn’t wait to see what Alex brought to the table for him.  I was not disappointed!

I’ve always thought that Judge was one of the most intriguing characters of the four brothers, and I’ve been ridiculously curious to find out more about his past and his backstory.  Because of the events of the past book, I didn’t know what was going to happen to Judge, and I was hesitant to say the least.  It always makes me nervous when I have my heart set on one thing, and the author throws me for a loop and creates something I didn’t even expect.  For me, this really worked in Judge of Night, and I loved our heroine, Ellie.  She was so likable, and even though I didn’t agree with everything that you did, I still couldn’t help but have a little bit of a girl crush on her.

In my opinion, each of these books keeps getting better and better, and I am anxiously awaiting Emo’s book!  If you’re a fan of Tillie Cole’s Hangman Series, then you really should give this dark romance series a try.  I love both series equally, and can’t recommend them enough!

5 Stars!!

“5 Darkly Heartwarming Stars.” Alphas Do It Better Book Blog

“Hold on to your seat because Alex Grayson is going to take you on another hell of a ride with Judge of Hell!”
Chris – Goodreads reviewer

“This author completely hit the mark with Judge’s book.” Melissa – Goodreads reviewer

“Author Alex Grayson is a master story teller!” Deb – Goodreads reviewer

“Every book in this series has a great twist & enough harrowing stories to make you cry, literally, no author wrings emotion from you like Alex Grayson & the journey she takes you on with her amazing characters is second to none.” Carol – Goodreads reviewer

“This author has the ability to give you chills down your spine one minute and as well as the ability to make you feel all soft and squidgy inside.” A Woman & Her Books

“A unique story line that is so entertaining and intriguing. A romantic suspense that never has dull moment. Bottom line this is a must read series.” TDC Book Reviews

“Holy Hell!!! This series just keeps getting better.” Juli – Goodreads reviewer


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