FIVE STAR FRIDAY: My Commander (Bewitched and Bewildered, #1) by Alenea Alder

22873996In book one you meet our delicious Alpha Unit leader Aiden McKenzie. When the topic of grandchildren comes up during a weekly sewing circle the matriarchs of the founding families seek out the witch Elder to scry to see if their sons have mates. They are shocked to discover that many of their sons’ mates are out in the world and are human!

Fearing that their future human daughters-in-law will end up dead before being claimed and providing them with grandchildren to spoil, they convince their own mates that something must be done. After gathering all of the warriors together in a fake award ceremony the witch Elder casts a spell to pull the men’s mates to them, whether they want it or not.

Aiden is adamant that he doesn’t need a mate and that they would only get in the way, little does he realize Fate is sending him his mate first! He meets his destined mate Meryn Evans and things go downhill from there. In the first twenty four hours she kicks, screams and knocks her bear shifting mate unconscious. They eventually discover that life before finding each other may have been good, but life afterwards is perfect, even if it involves super soaker battles and accidentally discharging hand grenades.


I am so ridiculously in love with this series it is not even funny! I picked up this book as my fated mates challenge read for Romanceopoly a few weeks back, and just kept reading book after book after book in this series. I was so hooked on this series that I ignored everything else.

Yes, it can be ridiculous at times, but it keeps me laughing out loud and unable to fight off a smile even if I’m in public. Book 1 is about Meryn and Aiden’s relationship and it is truly one of a kind. Meryn is a unique, quirky, blunt, tiny human who mates with an alpha, giant, bear shifter. Meryn keeps me in hysterics with the things that come out of her mouth and the stunts that she pulls when she gets protective.

The thing that I love the most about this series is that each book builds on top of each other and the “family” keeps growing and growing and adding to it. I still get to hear what is going on with previous characters because they are still very much involved in what is happening in each book.

Overall Rating: 5+ Stars!

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