I was really happy with my reading month this month! I read a total of 24 books, and the majority of the books I read were fantasy. A couple of my favorites this month were Release by Lucia Franco, Judge of Hell by Alex Grayson, and Broken Wings by Jaymin Eve. I separated my list by genres and ARCs this month and I also made sure to include the review if I wrote one!


Release was a much anticipated release for me this year and it was so worth the wait! It is a gymnastics forbidden romance that has captured my heart and I am dying for the next book!

Reviews: Judge of Hell, Release (review coming soon), Hook Shot, Needing to Love You

Contemporary Romance:

Review: Weightless

Shifter Romance:

I continued my read of the Bewitched and Bewildered books and I am so in love with them! I am so sad that I am caught up to publication, and I have already preordered the next book!

Reviews: Darkest Flame

M/M Romance:

I tried Try again and I am glad I gave it another go because I am really excited about the rest of this series.

Reviews: Try (coming soon)

YA Dark Romance:


Y’all! This was one of my favorite reads this month! It is mature YA because it is dark and mysterious. The ending had me gasping and immediately preordering book two because I can’t wait!

Review: Coming Soon!

YA Fantasy:

Broken Wings got me on a Jaymin Eve kick. I basically read this entire series in one weekend. There were soulmates and magic and sacred animals and just so good!

Review: Coming Soon!



I NEVER DNF books, but for some reason I just couldn’t stay connected to this book. It was just frustrating and I might try to read it again later because so many people rave about it. We will see though!

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