REVIEW: Broken Wings (Dark Legacy, #1) by Jaymin Eve

44020179.jpgThey rule my new town, my school, and with more money than God, there’s very little out of their reach.

Four gorgeous, perfect, scary boys. There used to be five, but one of them died, leaving a fifth position that I now fill.

I didn’t ask for this. I didn’t want to be part of this billionaire-boys-club. But no one cares about what I want.

Sebastian Beckett is the worst of them. Their leader. He draws me in, and strips me of every defense I have. He calls me Butterfly, but it’s not a pet name, it’s a threat. Beck wants nothing more than to break my wings, pin me to a board and watch me writhe.

He wants to see me broken. Body, heart and soul.

And what these elite want, they get.

Only they’ve never met Riley Jameson.

Let the battle begin.


I am such a huge Jaymin Eve fan and I was so stoked when I read the synopsis for this book. Broken Wings is a mature YA dark romance with high society and conspiracies galore. I kept guessing this entire book because I really had no idea what was going to happen next!

Riley gets pulled into this dark world of corruption after her adopted parents die in a car accident. She finds that she is the heir to a fortune and company worth billions, but the older brother she never met died a mysterious death at the hands of people who are closer than she thinks. She reluctantly joins forces with the four other heirs to the fortune and finds herself growing more and more loyal to these boys who will do anything for each other.

I really loved Riley’s character in this book. She is a somewhat naive girl who is navigating her way through shark infested waters. She brings a perspective to the boys’ that they have never seen before and grow to cherish. I loved Riley’s need to speed and fast cars. She was willing to stand her ground and be who she is against these boys who are doing everything they can to tear her down before they realize the her true character.

Each of these boys have a piece of my heart, but Sebastian takes the cake. Yes, he is alpha and mean and ruthless, but it is the only way he knows. The world he grew up in made him grow up fast. He is determined to form a bond of loyalty among the heirs like no one has ever seen, and will do anything to keep it strong.

I thought the way this book was written was brilliant because the authors kept us guessing and didn’t give too much away. That ending though had me desperate for book two because shit is about to get real!

Overall Rating: 5/5 Stars!

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