BLOG TOUR: Fearless King (Kings of Rittenhouse #4) by Maya Hughes

Title: Fearless King
Kings of Rittenhouse #4
Maya Hughes
Publication Date: 
May 30, 2019
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Sports Romance
Pages: 340
Add It: Goodreads
Rating:  4.5 ⭐️s

My first crush. My first heartbreak. My brother’s best friend.

The butterflies in my stomach turned into full blown eagles the second our lips touched. A kiss under the stars that changed our relationship forever.

After a lifetime of wishing, I stared up into Ford’s eyes with his fingers caressing my cheek and my heart racing.

The evening ended with my heart bleeding on the ballroom floor.

He destroyed my heart two years ago…but now he wants back in my life.

This time I won’t fall under his spell. I’ll resist his sexy, scruffy beard, and panty-melting smirk.

I thought I was over him. Hell, I fully planned to wave to him through my rearview mirror…but with one text, in the middle of the night, I know I’m in over my head.

Ford: I need you.


I have been eagerly awaiting Ford and Liv’s story since I first met the two of them in Shameless King. I knew there was a story there, just waiting to burst forth, and I couldn’t wait to see the journey that these two took Maya on. I remember when I finished Shameless King, anxiously scouring Goodreads to see if I could find any mention of their book and where it would fall in line, and then being completely heartbroken when I found out it was book four and the wait felt like it was forever; however, it was a wait that was completely worth every minute, because this book is the best thing that Maya Hughes has ever written, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Fearless King is book four in the Kings of Rittenhouse series, and while it can be read as a standalone, I recommend reading the prequel and the first three books before diving in. It creates a great back story to the other couples mentioned, plus gives you a deeper understand of Ford’s relationship with his best friend Colm, and his relationship with Olivia.

Ford is the most quiet of the Rittenhouse Kings, and likes to live a quiet life, away from the cameras and the fans. He’s not big on socializing, and tends to stick with himself and almost avoids life in general. I was so curious to find out what made him tick, and what secrets he was hiding behind the avoidance of life, and I was not disappointed. Ford has denied his feelings for Olivia for a long time simply because she was his best friend’s younger sister and he didn’t want to hurt Colm. And in doing so, he ends up hurting Olivia and it isn’t until almost two years later that he gets his second chance.

Olivia is living in the shadow of her parents, trying to fulfill a promise that she made to them when they passed away years before. But as she’s grown older, her dreams have begun to change, and she’s terrified to disappoint Colm. Ford becomes her light in the dark, and he helps her release what makes her truly happy. Along the way, she brings out the best in Ford, and I just ADORED these two together. Fearless King is the best kind of angsty, slow burn romance and I was living for every minute of this book.

Honestly, if you’re a romance reader and you enjoy sports romances, or hockey romances and you haven’t picked up the Kings of Rittenhouse books, you are truly missing out. These books are an excellent source of romantic drama, and illustrate the power of friendships and how friends are just as important as family. 10 out 10 recommend!

Rating: 4.5 Stars

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Read The Wedding Kiss, a Fearless King short, HERE

About the Author

Maya Hughes has always loved romance novels. One look at her Kindle is confirmation. She started writing her first romance novel while pregnant with her third child and she hasn’t looked back. Now, her romance writing addiction has replaced her romance reading addiction. 

You can find her writing on her foldable keyboard and phone anytime inspiration strikes. Her sweet and steamy stories range from rockstars to small towns and everything in between. When she’s not writing, she’s playing with her three kids, running errands or vegging on the couch with the love of her life and biggest fan, her husband. 






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