I read 24 books this month!

I read so many ARCs this month and it was so crazy! There were so many good ones though. Honestly, every single one of my five star reads were books that I absolutely LOVED. I read dark romance to YA paranormal to romantic suspense to contemporary romance. I was literally all over the place. Make sure to check out the reviews that I wrote for the books I read this month.

I was surprised that I didn’t read more this month since I was on break, but I did spend two weeks in Puerto Rico, which cut into my reading a little bit. I have a lot going on in July so we’ll see how much reading I get done. I am trying to read books from authors that I am going to see in Book Bonanza, and I am also hoping to get further along on my Romanceopoly challenge. I can’t wait for some of the books on my TBR for next month!

5 Stars:

Reviews: This is Crazy, Revelry, Cruel Intentions, Rescuing Rayne, Jersey Six, Bad Influence, Indefinite, Teardrop Shot, Raphael, Key to Hell (Coming Soon!)

4 Stars:

Reviews: Tumble, Love, Again, Roping the Cowboy, On the Rocks, A Pizza My Heart, Superfan

3 Stars:

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