IMG_20170728_114547_496April is the love child of Caffeine and Curse words, she can’t go without one or the other for long. Basically, never. She has two spawn of her own, suffers from ending aversion and reading too many books at the same time (no, seriously). Thrives on carbohydrates, fabulously forbidden, deliciously dark and twisted as fuck romance. A little YA fantasy mixed in makes her think she’s well rounded.


Connect with April:

Email: drinksteareadsbooks@gmail.com
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More, you say?

A little about my review process:

If I like it, I’ll give it 4 stars. If I love it, I’ll give it 5. If I don’t like it at all, I just won’t finish it. You’ll notice several of my reviews are 5 stars, or perhaps aren’t star rated at all- it’s because I suck at reviewing critically (unless specifically asked, and then it takes me much longer to read the book because I take my time tearing it apart). I just love to read, it’s that simple. I enjoy nearly everything that allows me to escape, especially after a long day of mom-ing. (I totally rolled my eyes when I wrote that, because my kids, while I love them, are little monsters #MOMSUNITE)

Just a few of my favorite authors (which I will always recommend, to anyone):

Sandra Brown – writer of romance, romantic suspense and a total auto-buy author for me.

Kresley Cole – urban fantasy/paranormal romance writer (Immortals After Dark series), also writer of one of my absolute favorite underrated YA series, The Arcana Chronicles (GO READ IT, then we can be best friends forever)

Kennedy Fox – dynamic boss babe duo, sassy romance writers (infamous Checkmate Duets)

Leigh Bardugo Dregs Queen. Master YA Fantasy (ish) story teller, world builder extraordinaire and goth Goddess.