Emily is a magical princess who rides a unicorn. Her blood was replaced with a coffee drip six years ago when she realized she now had her own little dwarf to feed. She sustains herself on angsty romance, ya drama, and six pack abs. She may or may not be an 80 year old woman living in a 35 year old’s body. The investigation is still open…

When not ruling over her kingdom, Emily spends her free time (she uses this term loosely…she does still have three little Hobbits under her care) reading and reviewing books.  Her reviews and rating system are pretty simple.  Did she love it and unicorns flew around the castle in celebration when she finished?  Then 5 stars.  Did she love it, but the unicorns weren’t inspired to pick up their lazy bums and fly?  Four stars.  Anything lower than that she DNFs and feeds to the alligators in the moat…

Emily’s favorite reads include Harry Potter, Twilight, The Raven Cycle series, the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and the Captive Prince trilogy.

Connect with Emily:

Email: emily.smoot1@gmail.com
Instagram  @yabookgrl1981