IMG_5371Myranda is atrociously bad at writing blurbs about herself, especially if they’re being written in third person. She’s also really bad at segues, so…

A cup of tea, with way more sugar than any one person needs, in one hand and a book in the other, Myranda is a very happy girl. This girl always has a book with her. She even has three tiny books in her car’s center console, just incase her car breaks down and she happens to not have a book with her. When people ask what her hobbies are, all she has to say is books.

Myranda’s favorite genres are fantasy and sci-fi, with a little bit of contemporary romance sprinkled here and there. She primarily reads within the YA genre and could write you an entire essay about why people enjoy young adult so much. Some of her favorite books are The Night Circus, A Court of Mist and Fury (obviously), and Air Awakens series.

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